How to Start A YouTube game influencer Channel

What I  want to address in this article is how you personally can become a video game influencer.   I want to dispel the myth that there is $1000’s of dollars to be made by doing this.  First there isn’t and way down the road when your big enough to make a living doing this type of activity you will found you made yourself a job, not free income.  So you need to WANT to do this and what is this?  Teach.    In order for you to teach gaming you must learn gaming. Whats first?  Just get started. record a video and upload it.  Trust me it will suck,  but that’s OK get that initial suck out of the way and then start working on improving from there.   Learn to speak 1 to 1 NOT with an audience Plan Do Repeat One of the reasons I want you to become a Vlogger is I plan but i don’t outline.  But i have decades speaking to large groups live so I can stand up and stare people in the face and just talk. This skill took time.  In fact the picture on my YouTube channel I spoke and shook hands with over 2500 combat veterans over the course of 5 days. Face to face one on one. So trust me start with an outline and bullet points that you can stay on point. I would also suggest that people with a full time job not take on gaming leadership and Vlogging at the same time.  You will be pulled in too many directions.   Tools you need Computer laptops can work but Quality desktops are better. Storage being your biggest issue.  Now don’t get caught up thinking you need some $2500 gaming machine the idiot down at the local computer says he will make you.  Frankly its too common for those guys to buy New Egg Parts and slap the latest marketing and BS together. Even a machine like this Disk space becomes an issue quickly when making videos so plan ahead. My recommendation when buying a Prebuilt unit to save costs is open the box and wipe and reload windows immediately removing all the planned income from the manufacture that will cause you problems later.  You can create a USB Windows 10 install for free and in my own computer store we do this with every branded manufacture computer that comes in.  This cuts down on warranty work from hidden programs updating 3 months down the road.  For you new super hobby this eliminates problems that are not productive. So Computers. The best graphics card in the world will not fix the sorriest motherboard you plug it into. So if you go custom ordering off Amazon to build Motherboard matters more than graphics card and CPU combined. Spend there first. Pro Tip from someone who builds machines for Movie Studios at 12k per pop. Software OBS Studio works for both Mac and PC.  This software is as good as any professional software in functionality and is not flooded with features that will break your will to live. Android Emulator. There are several brands but the one I found works best is Multi Memu.  It allows me to have several virtual devices at the same time vs a single virtual device that “logging” is required.  For filming i can stage accounts have 2nd accounts that are Mine for attacking on my schedule and allows me to film in 1080P to make sure YouTube promotes me to TV YouTube watchers which require better video for large screens.  It also allows you to mimic much older versions of android which can be more stable in a lot of games.  I actually use android 4.4 vs the latest android 7.0 for stability purposes. Now create a new channel for each game and I know this sucks because YouTube makes you “start over” with each channel.  But trying to trick players who are NOT interested in what your showing them just to get a bigger fatter view or subscriber number HURTS you.  So for this education I recommend TubeBuddy plugin.  Which means you need FireFox Browser.  FireFox is not secure so anything you do it in expect Google to know. Since they own YouTube well they are going to Know anyway.  Its Free with some limitations but the Legend Version i use is worth the $50 a month in time savings alone. The video below demostrates how i use it to go through the volume of comments alone.
  One of the nice things about OBS studio is you can multi camera and setup frames and live chat into the video.  If your going to have multicameras then you need to buy a quality camera. Do you need 4k , no not worth it unless your audience watches on 80 inch tvs vs their phones. One place not to skimp is your voice mic and/ or headset. I use a dolby 7 studio headset.  Very cost effect and it has a nice mute/cough button. This was once a very expensive headset and i have been using for 5 years now and quality, Bleed and ability to put sound in your headset that doesn’t come across video while having a great mic makes this a solid starter set or “Guest” headset if you decide to go more pro later.  Just a great over the ear head set for gaming that is better than most for video production. Build some videos up and then ask us to become an Editor.  Once you make it to being a Editor you can write Great articles that drag search traffic directly to watching YOUR Videos and promote people to subscribe to YOUR channel. Working with other Editors and cross promotion of their readers from them to you and you to them. This is hard work but it is done once and it pays dividends in traffic forever. Which only adds up to money in your pocket faster if that is your goal. Finally Of course you need A YouTube channel. Take your time watch a ton of videos on setting ALL the settings up.  YouTubes latest policy on getting syndicated for monetization.  is 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. For some this can take more than a year. Just upload videos in a steady and quality fashion.  If your on topic for one of the games promotes.  Then before YouTube recognizes you I may and our traffic becomes your traffic.  I truly want to promote you if your doing a good job.   Quality work will get you invites to be an “influencer” on other games before you get monetized on your first channel.  Steady and quality are key.  Original content is ALWAYS rewarded long term.  Mix channels and pirates are shutdown quickly and once you reach your 1000 subs and 4k hours. Youtube will take everything you put up and run it through a quality check of Audio and video to see if you violated any copywrite laws.  Such as Having pandora playing in background (done it myself without thinking)  Downloading music from some random site that says it free.  Nothing is free.  Tube Buddy has some music it lets you use and is sponsored by YouTube.  This keeps you Safe so use the tool i provided I recommend it for a Reason. Let me know how your doing with your project. Remember you have to want to teach but that means you always need to be learning.

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    1. I don’t personally have one. Reality Is as much as apple talks about how big they are, only 2 to 4% of the world market share. their browsers over correct, their devices don’t run same code. Its a clique sale of a product usually 2 years behind the market. And I have been programing in Apple Basic since 1984, The cost to do business with them is too high for such a small return is what it boils down to.

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