World of Warcraft Classic Leveling a Human Priest Levels 1 – 5

So we picked a priest as our first video project not because its easy but because its hard and it will be in high demand letting us go where we want to go when we desire.  This awesome healer will allowed to jump guilds and raid at will making the job of teaching World of Warcraft Classic Gameplay much easier.

Things to remember when starting out is your starting out. So familiarity with the layout will be key. Now I will customize the interface shortly, because I know I will want it later and its good to create habits.  I will demonstrate then about making 3 key response across the classes so that good habits will be the same as you build different classes over time.

Levels 1-5 we will use the stock wow interface and get us up to using Wands.  Wands will be important to your priest.  You will constantly be upgrading them  Usually at levels 5 , 13, 19 31 and 42 and in a good guild level 51 someone will have to make you one.  Plus we will try our luck to get some Blue Bind on Equip (BOE) wands out of some of the dungeons later

So for our talents so that its in writing in case I go to quickly on film

5/5 wand spec, 5/5 spirit tap 2/2 imp sw pain, holy spec until we can go 5/5 diven fury 3/5 shadow focus then we will stack the holy spec until level 45.

At that point we will see how fast we get into dungeons to decide our spec. If we need to solo a lot we will go shadow if the wait time is low for dungeons then  we will stay holy and discipline.


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