World of Warcraft Classic Being added to the training platform

So what were we looking for?  Another strategy game. The Guns of Glory is a great strategy game but the cost of the Pay to Play game leaves otherwise great players on the side line before they get started. World of Warcraft Classic. Well the Classic became epic because of its vast dungeons, and the need to apply strategy to beat bosses.  Only in the later versions did they nerf the play so that it was click and get loot. I see this as more entertainment per dollar at only $15/ month.  Long term entertainment that blew into a global sensation for a reason. With market of players 15 years older time to turn back time.  For those were not around during vanilla well this should be step UP in your game not down. So the plan here is while the Blizzard people reboot SO DO WE.  Going head to head with Chinese Gold farm companies which make Billions off the platform.  I am not going to show you how to power level, I am going to show you how to play the game. What you need to know. People invest years into play of strategy games. So showing up with a freshly bought not so good max level account is NOT ready to play. Walk through on quests that TEACH you game skills, Place to plunder for growth and learning to enjoy the game We chose a Pacific coast time US server so that our members can follow along on the same server AzureSong is that server when you are choosing. Want to build your own videos that parallel my how to’s maybe in a class or starting area. I will be happy to promote you. This will be a collaborate effort. We have 10 years and 1.5 million video’s that are out of date to compete against. Epic Success and better gaming is ahead.

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