The New Marvel Comic Style World of Warcraft Opener from RogersRaiders

  Everyone saw me working on my studio and my original thoughts on my World of Warcraft Classic Video opener.  The original thought was to have the Alliance Flight Mount come in and land next to my GunMuse Lighthouse logo.  Looked terrible.  Then it hit me SuperHero opener.   So i layered 100’s of World of Warcraft Classic Characters. Through some varied tint over it.  Sped the film up then layered more characters falling in and out of frame to make the special effect. The music track well caution should be applied because the beat is frankly addictive.  I am very proud of the opener.  I got some ghosting during the monologue shoot and that is the first time that has happened so not sure what happened there, it was so late that i didn’t want to start over.  The 4k opener is in the can so to speak and I can now build videos much faster with all that prep work done. Hope I bring value to those who Subscribe and especially those who click join JOIN TODAY BECOME AN RRG SPONSOR
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