Picking your first Class and Race in World of Warcraft Classic

The purpose of RogersRaiders pursuing the World of Warcraft classic game is to entertain people long term who enjoy strategy games.  The Vanilla World of Warcraft had intense puzzles that had to be deciphered and the challenge was only over come by few. So the different classes have their specialty roll in the dungeons but there are other considerations before you invest the time to learn this game. One of the things i want players to consider is THEIR time.  If you want to log on and know you can play on your schedule there are two classes that always in high demand.  Tanks and Healers.  Specifically Warriors and Priests who actually spec in the tank and heal spec and can do the job. On the AzureSong server we built a priest one of the hardest classes to level but will never be told no when you want to go to a dungeon to heal.  This means more loot but its a bit harder to level quests solo and I am going to do this character first. The warrior will come second because in tank spec that can be very slow to level if you don’t know how to set them up properly. The other classes solo well and some have hybrid healing which is so so.  Will get you more complaints because you spend most of your time in combat spec and not healing so you don’t know it well.  Follow my series on building a World of Warcraft classic Priest and you will be one of the most valuable players in your Guild.

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