Bartender4 Wow Classic

Bartender4 WoW Classic Custom Profile Setup for Druids

  1. After installing the bartender4 WoW Classic Addon to the proper folder via manual means or Twitch
  2. Open your first character.
  3. First RIGHT click the bear mug on your mini map
  4. First we want to make a NEW PROFILE that will be for ALL your Toons. BEFORE we customize the individual toons.
  5. LEFT Click Profiles from menu.
  6. Under New Type in a Unique name Like New Default vs Default which already exists in bartender4 wow classic.
  7. Click OK
  8. On left menu under the BARS click Blizzard Art Bar in Bartender4 WoW Classic
  9. UNCHECK the Enabled box.
  10. Do the same for
  11. Bartender4 XP Bar
  12. As well as Reputation Bar
  13. All these are page wide and can be added back in other places by other addons for cleaner look.
  14. Now check all the other bars 1 through 10 and ONLY select the following
  15. BAR 1
  16. BAR 3
  17. BAR 4
  18. BAR 5
  19. BAR 6
  20. BARS 7 8 9 are stance/Form specific bars and you will be icon swapping if you try to use them as just an empty slot to stick stuff in.
  21. Click CLOSE
  22. NOW Left Click the BEER MUG ICON for Bartender4 WoW Classic
  23. BAR 3 and 4 should be default Right Side 3 on outside 4 on inside of monitor screen as shown in our video.
  24. BAR 6 will be bottom CENTER
  25. BAR 5 will Sit on top of BAR 6
  26. BAR 1 will sit on top of BAR 5
  27. Stance BAR on top of BAR 1 as well as PET BAR next to stance BAR
  28. Your Vehicle BAR(flight master landing icon) is a small dot move it to the left side after you place your
  29. BAG BAR and MENU BAR.
  30. As you can see you can place what you like where you like but keep in mind we are making a STARTING template for all classes.
  31. Once you have it placed click LOCK.
  32. RIGHT CLICK on your Bartender4 WoW Classic beer mug once again.
  33. On Existing profiles select the TOON that your on.
  34. Then Select copy from your NEW DEFAULT
  35. You can now customize the icons for that particular toon from there.
  36. Keep in mind if your class changes stance or forms BAR one WILL change so you can place icons ONLY to that form/stance there.
We are going to clean up some of the UI trash.
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