WolfHunter Guns of Glory Calculator

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          1. Because you can’t use the dart card yes the spinebreaker is great the way it is. Maupin and 5 times roll damage cards to combine with her.

    1. You type in 2 things, your march cap and your top tier… How is this not easy to use? I don’t understand how this is too difficult for you

  1. I too don’t have the T2 and T1 showing up in the table.
    My Troop Formation number is 244630, but after putting in the numbers from T3-T10 that show up on Hi’s list, I get a total of 241911. So I still have room for 2719 more troops.

  2. Hi, thank you for all the work you’ve done. May I ask you to confirm that the Wolf Calculator is just for the Wolf and the Troop Formation, the figures come out differently for me for the same march capacity so either I’m doing something wrong or its for different troop uses.

    I’m doing a battle calculator on excel and so I need the march capacity to equal the march capacity.Could you publish the fractions please or perhaps more of the data. Ideally just an example of the raw data output to here as plain text

    Thanks again

    kind regards


  3. My question is..where does this mysterious math come from? Some of us might want to work the math ourselves so that we can understand the process a little better.

  4. I used the data outcome and got 2.2billion damage on Wolf wit t12 and 9k stats at distance
    Works perfect.
    The 2nd place with 10,5k stats is 45% lower in damage the me.

  5. Now i increase my march cap and go now with 760k to hit the wolf. Damage was 4.4 billion the 2nd one in Kingdom with now 12k stats is at 1.3 billion.
    Let’s see what is tomorrow with increased stats and March cap on my side

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