Guns of Glory Troop Formation Calculator SpineBreaker


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    1. Your excel sheet will be in your phone.its normally under your settings in your google apps,its green in colour and if you have google you’ll have excel

  1. Hello great crew. May i ask why t2 and t1 troops are not used?
    I like the math you have doing. In one word” WAUW”
    Kind regard,
    King Amsta the Netherlands Europe

      1. Mr Larsen I’m an Veteran that’s played Gog for years. Recently I’ve uncovered a huge third party rss operation and didn’t realize how big it was. They have tried to wipe my computer out with a virus several times and I can’t even play now because they are trying to wipe out evidence and cover up their actions. Please get back to me this is getting very serious.

  2. Very good job, was looking for such stuff since times.
    Just like to know why T1-3 are not used?
    My I ask for the download of this gorgeous Excel file?

  3. Comments? How about this…..GO NAVY beat Army!!!…j/k I was looking for answers and ran across your page. Saw your bio, thx for your service and thx for the time you put into all of this. Hopefully I will find the answers to my questions.

    Salute, USN 76-80 DAV.

  4. How do i incorporate only have 1 set of t11s into my march, or am i still better of sticking with 10s?

    And why is only the fort calc working? Put my march in like usual and nothing happens?

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