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  1. First….THANK YOU!!! I have learnt so much from you. Amazing…I have not tried it out yet but I am confident it will work as by just listening to you it all makes so much sense. Only one thing….the calculators don’t go up to T12….help please for all the calculators.

    Thank you again

    • I personally do an exhaustive test on my calculators, then I spread them around to beta testers before they are released. I don’t have t12’s Feel free to gift me Amazon coins to buy a c40 with so that i can start that testing.

  2. Hey Donny thanks for the calculator, I just hit c37 so I needed to redo my march anyway.
    I was wondering why the calc only goes from t11 to t5.
    Are the lower tier troops that useless now?
    I remember the days we used t2inf in masses.
    Would be nice if you could explain

  3. First I’d like to say Thank You, I wish i had known about this site a long time ago, my kills would be a lot higher. Your calculators have made a huge difference. I would like to ask if there is a good formation smaller castles can send to rallies to optimize their effort. If there is a video or forum you can direct me to i would greatly appreciate any help. This is mainly for UAC or attacking a larger castle in our hive during Kill Event

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