Lords Mobile 50% Cashback APK Monster Hunt Guide

Lords Mobile yet another victim of the product of work at home. Like many Mobile games this summer Lords mobile also made drastic changes that seem to lack over site of should we say foresight that no gift code can overcome.  Basically they changed the game everyone had grown used to. Lords mobile has been put into the Rogers Raiders Product revamp. When we partnered with the German Huewei team we came up with the idea to PAY you to learn to play the revamped game. Not everything is the games fault for needing change.  Graphics had to meet new global standards to take advantage of multi-processor phones.  The industry saw the need to try to reduce confusion of complex strategy in mobile games that was giving PC players on bluestacks (Lords Mobile on Bluestacks) the advantage of more research and resources at their fingertips. New players to the Huawei AppGallery can port their old game or start a new one and once signed up as a RogersRaiders.com Member you will get 50% of every dollar you spend in Lords Mobile BACK instantly for 90 days.   Its designed to give you time to learn and offer experienced player the ability to make epic choices.  Simply follow these steps and enjoy there is no minimums or max’s. Even if you are a HW appgallery user already.  You can follow these steps and we will pay you 50% back instantly as well.  None of that this is for the new guys only stuff.
  1. Bind your account to FaceBook or Google Account.
  2. For BlueStacks and Android devices simply place this link in your devices browser or click now.
  3. https://rogersraiders.com/AppGallery
  4. Click install You SHOULD get a prompt that says this APK can damage your device.  This true of ANY APK that isn’t normally loaded via your phones default installer.  Click OK there is no harm you are ADDING an additional app store.
  5. Set your country to Germany *This will not change your language*  This is who is paying you play Lords Mobile

  6. Uninstall Amazon and/or Google Playstore version of Lords Mobile  JUST THE GAME APPSTORES CAN STAY. You can have all 3 appstores at the same time to take advantage of seasonal offers from any of them and still play same game… Freaking sweet.
  7. Open AppStore on your device/Bluestacks for Apple users is required. BlueStacks works on MACS
  8. Install your Lords Mobile from the Huawei AppGallery (version code will have an F behind it now)
  9. Once Make any purchase 99 cent or better then follow the instructions in other video to submit your account for our Discount buying package.
  10. It really was that simple

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