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First, Thank everyone who comes here.  This was latterly started to allow me to explain one thing to one person in more than 144 characters.  Now with over 100k people per month going through here I am behind and I have to reflect on the what I have done, what’s changed in the game and how am I going to make sure the next first time player doesn’t get lost in out of date content. I Never intended to do YouTube video’s but frankly that was me playing around and it exploded as well. Now with 100’s of videos on guns of glory its time to build LISTS so that people who wish to do more than yell hit the buy button or you will lose this for me…  Well lets burn those guys early. Leaders Lead because leaders learn. The next step is to create playlists that combine the different tasks of the game but mix and match the video’s as either a reminder or a learned how-to for a specific event.  Hope this helps me swap out content as they update by removing videos from the playlist and replacing with new and relevant one.  Give a single point that Alliance leaders can send members prior to events. First there is a playlist section on the channel So as I add lists you can see them there. Also use the “BELL” option to be notified when I change these lists. I update YouTube much faster than the website because live record is quick and dirty and follow up content takes time research and effort to organize. Please feel free on individual videos to suggest a category that it should be in I will do my best to clean up all the content so its in central locations for you.      

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  1. I know this is a little off topic but does the troop calc work well for a player with tier 8s as the highest.
    (I know you designed it well just not sure how far it scales down.)

    Sorry for posting this on an off topic thread, I am just new to GOG and have been using your content to help me learn and grow.

    On that note, keep up the good work. Its extremely fun to take down players who poorly build their base using your advice.

  2. Hello Donny,
    Thx for making this awesome material available for the community of strategy players.
    Just found your site 2 weeks ago, but I have learned a lot from you videos and articles, for example taking bigger players/towers down with a 3 attacks on a base with different formations, distance heavy, vehicle heavy and then “normal” spine. Sounds like some expensive hits but worth it sometimes. Need to try in next ke…

    You talk about snipers, I would love to read or view it but I can’t find it.

    1. reinforcement troops, where do they stand, meaning, do reinforcement troops get hit before after or same time as the troops that is in their home bases? So if I’m low on infantry troops I can reinforce myself with infantry troops from another one of my other bases to get to the needed numbers from the spinebreaker formation so I can still have a good defense? Hope that that made sence…

    Best regards and thx again!
    Ben from zday reg 71

  3. I hope you get a video out early for this new event at thanksgiving where the biggest item to look for i love the 50% buff also the 33% but last time they had bucc ingots… Hopefully i can get nice things this time around .ill save up points …waitung on you to shoot a live. I know you said you were going to put the good info on a different page so they don’t change it up like they did with the aristocrat badges last time.

    1. Early event videos will start happening once I finish all my in house upgrades. 12k in new hardware, New editing software and building a full studio effort to support people who want to replace me as the vlogger with their work so that I can focus on promoting them.

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