Why do I need to care about my creature?

This is your faster than gathering source for Iron and Silver. C26+ growth will stall without a creation.
The creatures is boring… Yeah I have heard it but its a part of the game and indeed an important one. Its not hard to level the creature follow our How-to on that but as to why you are doing it. To be epic and frankly eventually for the silver.  5 days of straight mining for silver doesn’t equal 330 coins worth of silver you get each reset @ 500,000
Having VIP 8 will allow for multiple floor farming filling your bags in seconds with the coins to buy Resources.
Focus on Building COA’s and airship parts until you reach C26 and then you will need that silver for Combat II and Building upgrades. Just buy the pieces and put the rest on your creature. Don’t be afraid to let your creature eat its own coins until you reach level 55.  Crests first, gear second.  Crests to level 3 before gear to level 5 and you should easily reach 55. Spirit mines.  If you are not Level 7 VIP then you need to feed ALL your spirit mines to that goal.  It allows you to single click floors in catacombs and gives you an extra March slot.

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