What are the Stages of the Gold Event?

The Gold Event in Guns of Glory takes place in a specific order.  To score well and achieve the Gold a little prep can go a long way to higher rankings.
  • Gathering 24 hours (Day 1)
  • Building and Research Upgrade 24 hours (Day 2)
  • Astrologer 24 hours (Day 3)
  • Troop Training 24 hours (Day 4)
  • Kill Everyone 72 hours (May be modified by your kingdoms rules) (Day 5-7)

Gathering (Day 1)

The link above displays the fastest way to power gather. Any Loads of Resources that land 1 minute after the start time and 1 min before closing count towards the days total.  When they land in your warehouse is the book ends of the resource count. Put your gathering gear on. Set your Gathering Guards, Airship to gather.
  • Food Easiest to boost and gathers fast
  • Wood Second Easiest to get gear boosts
  • Iron Mid level players from 11 to 20
  • Silver High end players and the most points best from 18+ Castles

Building and Research Upgrade (Day 2)

The best strategy for a good score here is some plan ahead on Day 1 To have a large research land just after the start as well as a large building upgrade of some sort.   Then use all your saved Construction and Research speedups to open up your game even more while obtaining the best possible score and the free gold. If your account is young this is a good time to make sure you have enough hospitals to hold your troops.  You do not want to be farming holy water for the alliance hospital.  Plus if you don’t have enough space you will have to replace your troops rather than heal them and this can be a multi week set back.  Plan ahead.
Just use the Free Spin Daily Saving any beast drop spins for Gold Event

Astrologer (Day 3)

This is a fairly simple click the button and spin.  Save all your drops off beasts between gold events and only do your Free Spin Daily.  Flipping 3 cards when you win the Taro play seems to be the best overall score strategy. The actual loot from the Astrologer is not very worth the effort so it is best to save all those spins to win Gold.
If you have Bonus to Troop training capacity make sure you start it 1 day early to land the big Lot in just over the starting buzzer.

Troop Training (Day 4)

Stick to your normal plan to build troops, but use any training speed ups that you have stored away.  Its also a good time to burn down any Resources that you do not have in your warehouse or bags.
Make sure you know your Kingdoms rules of Attack vs NAP so you don’t get an Enforcer farming everything you have.

Kill Everything (Day 5-7)

Some Kingdoms have agreed upon modified rules as do most alliances about who you can hit or even scout.  Be careful some players use online gaming to work out frustrations in their real life don’t be dragged in by drama, religious or race baiting.  When you attack your troops can die forever when you lose. Most high level players use the KE event to farm Resources from lower players as its much faster than gathering with great experience for leveling the airship quickly.  There is method to the madness just remember its a game strike quickly get your gold and bubble if your lower leveled. Be careful of Alliance leaders who promise to HIDE your troops in their shields.  When the shields go down or they go hunting your troops go for the ride and can be lost by that player.  You are stuck healing troops you didn’t get to lose yourself.  

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