Troop Formations Blending the perfect Strike

This information in this article has been updated do to our knowledge of the game and patches that effected game play.  The new calculator is called SPINEBREAKER / WolfHunter and GateBuster

  If you are like me with a desire to be somewhat simple minded in your gaming.  Then you build the biggest  troops and send them screaming to their deaths.  Well at the same time I hate to lose and it became obvious during events where I have better stats than other players with 10,000 troop formation limits I was doing 25% of their damage.  How could that be possible? What’s more I spent a ton of Gold moving my troops from Tier 8 to Tier 9 only to have them do LESS damage.  Well simply put its a strategy game and who is in your formation matters.  The screen shots of how one Distance is has better attack than the next isn’t all the math involved.  Plus there is an order to when troops hit the target. So first thing you need to know when you are attacking or defending is your troops attack in Tier order.  This means Tier 1’s attack before Tier 2’s do and so on.
  • Tier 1’s
  • Tier 2’s
  • Tier 3’s
Each Tier attacks in Class Order
  • Infantry
  • Cavalry
  • Distance
Each Class is modified by a Subclass with bonus (see Spreadsheet for full list its long)   Like a battlefield of Ole field formation still applies.  Infantry, Cavalry, Distance, then artillery in Player Versus Environment (PVE), While Player versus Player (PVP) Artillery will engage traps based on the different types of traps.  Since traps take so long to build up most player don’t bother or have so few that it doesn’t effect

Why can’t I just throw my strongest guys at them and win?

Well if that was all that was involved in the math then who ever had the biggest Castle would always win and it would take the word strategy out of the strategy game. Tier 6 Cavalry for instance have a hidden damage bonus to help Castle levels 21 be completive against Castle 26 players who don’t build proper formations.  This allows a lower level person to get Resources quickly during a Kill Everything Event. The Player versus Environment mobs Roll Hidden Troop counts and you can see this when your in the Spirit Mines battling the Scarecrow then the Golem.  There you can’t pick your troops in the PVE portion but once you enter the mining area you can set you formations OVER AND OVER in order to find out what formation is working  best for you. The Worksheet is designed to be a guide.  Keep in mind your Building Levels, Banner’s, Coats of Arms, Guards, Gear Gems and Airship all stack so how you have built that combination effects the final damage of your troops. Lets say you are Cavalry focused on your stats does that mean you want MORE cavalry in your mix.  No not really.  As explained above they don’t go first.  So you may need a Bigger meat shield So your Heavily buffed Cavalry can do maximum damage on their turn and not take loses before the game even gets to roll for them.   The more is better strategy is not a truism in a game that tries to balance power levels with game play. For Example your maxium Tier level is 8 So mixing Tier 7’s and 8’s are your top two Subclasses EXCEPT on Distance Troops.  Tiers 7 and 8 are the Same subclass So you need to use Distance T8’s and T6’s in order to protect your Cavalry before they get to roll. UnderWorld Gates are usually capped at 10k troops so this is a great time to calibrate your formation percentage every few days.  Just write down what you changed and the results.  KEEP in mind when you join a rally you borrow stats from the rally leader.  So try to join under same guy while your tuning.  

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  1. Hi, I just came across your site. It seems to be informative with what you have put up so far. You mentioned that there was a spreadsheet for troop formation but I did not see a link for it. Is it available?

    1. Spreadsheet Link is at the bottom of the article we don’t use free hosting so it is available directly from us. I will double check and think about a different structure for finding any downloads in the future. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hey I have some doubts about the spreadsheet… The step 3, the “buff added” what buff are you talking about? Also when you say for the Underworld the march is capped at 10k… And also, this formation works for PvE or PvP?

    Thanks for doing this blog, it seems like you’ve put a lot of effort into it.

  3. ive watched a few of your videos, im wondering with this troop calculator what you mean by “remaining for math total” in each type. Did you make this spreadsheet? because it would be really nice if there was a way to enter in the exact number of each troop type we have and see what the best formation would be, as well as gear type. lots of work though i understand. thanks for the help.

    1. Fast easy to replace units. The theory was that something must die and that theory is proven to be false at this point. We have a new calculator that updates this one. While this is better than most out there it was based on “common” thinking.

      1. Donny. I don’t see the spreadsheet or calculator link…am I just retarded?!? Please help thank you. And thanks for all of your efforts. Your info is extremely helpful

  4. Hi Donny, great page and youtube channel. I am trying to download your Spinebreaker but comes up ‘page not available’. is it not available to me as I am in the UK?

  5. Been using the old excel version but switching to new spinebreaker. So just so i’m Clear on this, you don’t recommend any artillery even when attacking castles with lots of traps?

    1. that’s situational I provide a bell curve product and MOST players don’t build a lot of traps or get hit often enough to keep the numbers low. You go up against a c40 that’s been c40 since day 2 of a kingdom and has 150k traps YES you need artillery in the mix to tear that down. But its so rare its not something I can test.

      1. 7 months, I had used it all the time on a now c31 and c22. The math has changed a lot from the 40/20/40 rule. I had to build a lot higher number of lower tiers to use this, hope it works, 1st ke today.

  6. What type of troops have an advantage over other troops?? As in does infantry beat artillery, artillery beat calvary and so on? Does anyone know this?

    1. There subclasses that rotate but sometimes the tiers are next to each other I will address this in the new beta calculator. Its addressed in the math but war talents amplify the effects and that needs to be a factor.

  7. Thank you kindly for providing this information, i am very interested to see how your suggestions stack up against other sites i have tried. Kind regards

  8. I’m in the process of installing your Red Guard Raid formation for 237,900 troops. When I entered all the number, I discovered that there were only 192,006 troops. I’m I totally wrong or is there an error on your spreadsheet.

  9. I can’t find the pve spreadsheet sorry I’m burnt but great job bud your doing excellent work my old leader made spreadsheets an calculators it’s not an easy task but it really comes in handy I still use his I actually had a friend compare them but it’s all about tuning the March to work best for your castle as everyone’s castle is different! Thanks again if you could explain where the pve calc is I’d really appreciate it!

  10. I have been playing for a year now, I have lost lots of troops at all levels.i have been attacked and zeroed several times, my troop tiers are much askewed, do you have a calculator which we can enter our total troop counts for each tier and get a breakdown to build the strike formation?

  11. I love your calculators and videos,thanks because I’m beating guys that are much larger than me with a c24.I should tell them about your calculators because they clearly dont use any..p.s please keep up the good work brother.

  12. First, thx for all the information what you are giving us. Nice and great Man. But one thing. With the dieing order at Infantrie you are a little bit wrong. They are dieing T1, T3, T5, T7, T9, T11 and then T2, T4, T6, T8, T10, T12.

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