The Meat Shield and How To Calculate a Guns of Glory Meat Shield

meat shield guns of glory
Million here a million there sooner or later your talking about a really sore thumb.  Well if you didn’t know that the defensive strategy in 2010 for Guns of Glory Troop Formations on both offense and defense is bigger meat shields.  Even though the graphics have updated the desire to make doing the work less problematic hasn’t sunk in at the FunPlus main china office. The strategy of a meat shield is not complex but building one takes time or money. The goal is to reduce any expense tendencies you may have by allowing you to focus your meat shield where it counts the most for your play style. The first thing asked by some random player is why no t11 or t12’s.  If those rows are dieing you have spent 1000’s of dollars and picked a fight good luck.  No not really since t12’s are top those 2 rows are covered by the Covid Calculator for t12’s and Master Mayhem for t11’s. The Meat Shield Calculator is troops designed to be AT HOME.  In other words if your a player who sends out 5 marches at a time but someone tends to jump in while all your marches are out to hit you this is the Minimum you would need to be at home in order to absorb a hit from someone who is no more than 15% higher in stats than you are currently. To be frugal using the Meat Shield Calculator Guns of Glory send out your formation marches and look whats left before you start power building troops.  This way your not overbuilding a tier for the sake of overbuilding.