The Guns of Glory War with GunMuse

For the longest time most of the fans knew, and often asked for me to hold information until they got theirs.  Whats this mean that anytime I put out information Guns of Glory owned by FunPlus would hot patch the fixes.  Ignoring their own support system complaints where customers would be told they are going to reach out to the developers. As time went on it became a marketing issue with Guns of Glory.  1 day old  accounts spamming comments about fixes in full defense of the changes.  It didn’t take a few seconds to see the pattern that not only repeated but grew.   This last patch of Guns of Glory upset the community so much that it has had millions of dollars of impact well beyond FunPlus.  Credit Card transactions being challenged and in my opinion rightfully so.  You can’t sell a Blue box then change it to Red simply because the guy in the basement has bad dreams about GunMuse. These last few rounds of updates it was very apparent to me that someone was trying to socially manipulate rankings on YouTube.  Only what ever company or person they consulted isn’t aware that you can’t blend YouTube and Facebook. (Dirty secret for all you influencer’s out there or company owners promoting themselves)  In Fact the more people shared my videos on Facebook the worse the revenue got, plus YouTube doesn’t count the views publicly.  These are just a couple of items of the 100’s that need to be looked at properly.  Once i saw that someone was trying to “fake” popularity, me knowing the systems drafted behind them and then “sling shot engaged”   All fun for me, while serious business at the same time. The problem that FunPlus letting their employees engage in a war but not engage in a proper business conversation is the ripple effect.  AppStores get up to 30% of gross of every dollar you spend and FunPlus GoG reported revenue was 510 million dollars.  So if you can gleam having some nobody like GunMuse effecting you a million here a million there seem low brow on the business scale to not engage but to try to squash.  Only I AM GUNMUSE and I have been fighting this style of Bootleg word games for 21 years now.  You throw the 700 million in KOA money into the mix and what did FunPlus fail to understand.  My Calculators were seeing over 400k views a month.  4000 views on a YouTube video is nothing.   The number 1 driver to my videos is ME.  I send more views from to my channel plus half dozen other channels than Google does. I didn’t pick this fight, I don’t want this fight and I think this is ignorance with a college degree rubber stamp of approval on it.  More importantly, I can’t be beaten in this manner.   Because I provide value to the readers, will always focus on that first, money second. Companies are reaching out to me the trust relationship that I show respect to those who chose to engage is very powerful and rare.  30% of 1.2 billion dollars belongs to App stores the credit card dispute forced that money back in record fashion. To be clear, I am not leading the way, just the first one down the path we all wanted to head down.  Watch your step dog crap on the path is not guidance its observance.