The GunMuse RogersRaiders Blanket party

Winter is coming and baby its going to be expensive outside.  With Business’s shut down in the Democrat run states, mine being one of them.  The unheard story of how hard it is to raise money for those low / fixed income individuals who need a little help has gone untold by the media.  There is an election out there you may of heard about it. Fact is cost of food skyrocketed this summer and fixed income individuals have become comfortable in knowing that there is usually a local charity helping with their energy bills during the coldest of months. Only those places are not flush with cash this year. Rather than squeeze blood from a stone trying to get cash from a population that is concerned with their own household bills we have 3 solutions to how you can help us help them. It seems odd to use YouTube in this way but it lets us lower the “ask” to a dollar in a credit card world and have Google foot the bill for the transaction fees at a lower cost than we can do it directly.  While Google takes 30% off the top.  A credit card company would charge us 50 cents plus a fee.  So this is a 20% gain and it something that is already on your phone/computer.
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