Spenders vs Free Players in online Gaming or Time vs Money

I hear it from every player that is low level getting run over by the big guys. Geesh wish I had $1000’s of dollars to waste on this game. Well how many hours do you waste in game.  This whole website is dedicated to you being productive with your in game time.  Time IS money. Believe it or not the game developers are fully aware of someone buying their way to the top ruins the fun for everyone else.  That’s why you will see buying limits, time delays, cooldowns and even limits on how much and how fast you can buy.  If it was only about the quick buck they would let them go hog wild and believe me some companies do. The fact is the business of online gaming is about small purchases not large ones.  Having a 1000 people spend $1 per week vs 1 guy spending $1000 one time and running off 999 other customers.  Its like a customer walking into a gas station and saying I will give $1000 if you let me pee all over the 100,000 candy bars on the rack.  It sours the public and destroys the inventory either virtually or digitally same concept. So why do so many claim its spenders? Frankly its a poor education overall about how business works.  So many educators out there preaching the big money guy is keeping you down, your bringing that thinking in game.  So welcome to Rogers Raiders reeducation camp. So we are talking about Guns of Glory and I built a few sample accounts to demonstrate the difference in spending style as well as game play style. So how much should you spend or shouldn’t you? Set your entertainment budget.  Gaming is entertainment its for your enjoyment.  If you go to the movies once a week and spend $40 bucks on 2 hours of entertainment no one accuses you of being Mr/Miss Moneybags.  Its your money don’t be ashamed of what you want to do with it. Know your budget. If you have problems with addictive spending Buy Play cards or Apple Funding to stay within that budget versus using a Credit Card.  Strategy games are addictive because they are designed to challenge you.  You are playing against the game, time in game, events, and the creativeness of people themselves.  While there are hordes of people chanting how smart I am, I promise you there 50 people smarter than I and even smarter at keeping quiet about it and not sharing their found secrets the way I do. Our first 2 examples are Zero and Low spend accounts in these videos BOTH accounts are exactly on Day 8 different play styles and slightly different spend strategy.  Zero spend is literally limited to $1 per week after initial criteria.  Low is limited to $40 bucks a month I set this using the movie analogy as a guide, Getting good growth from moving entertainment money from one area to another. So before I get started let me give two rules of personally earned wisdom.
First Rule If you are not making money your spending money. Leaving work early sounds great until the paycheck comes up short next week. Always focus on your real life work more than your digital work. Second Rule  You have heard life is short enjoy it.. Wrong… Life is long and you will pay for every damn mistake you make.  See rule 1.
The first we call our Zero spend.  Well its not Zero, The game does make you pay $.99 for a beginner package in order to open up the bank feature and I encourage the Zero spender to buy the Daily Deal on Sunday to add 3k gold to their account each week for the purpose of buying Level 21 gear designs for faster free play growth overall.   The second Example is the low pay. Designed it around a $40 dollar per month budget.  The weekly spend maybe buy guard DD once a month or what ever suits their game play strategy but keeping them on track. The initial spend is on Construction gear and the new Savant Gems this $14.98 for the combo and makes leveling to c-16 much faster and free as you can hit your timers for growth without having to wait to farm.  The new $5 Savant gems are equal to 2018 $99 knowledge gems in every stat and worth every penny in time savings right up until you build your C27 where prices get steep on RSS in game.  On this account as part of our $40 spend I added smugglers for the first month to keep cost under our budget but since the $15 dollar gear is one time I may switch it to subscription next month and take advantage of extra loot on 99 cent daily deals.  Since this now have a chance to drop Dualist Fragments. Now my 3rd tier is what people call the $1000’s per month account and it is not.  That’s my personal C30 took about 3.5 months to build. I spent $99 on gems and $99 on build gear and I spend about $50 per week on in game stuff. Now to be fair on December 31st I did spend around $2500 and prebought some article drops that I haven’t built yet, plus $250 of that was to finish my c30 a week earlier than what would of been natural growth.  That decision is purely TAX WRITE OFF decision.  Since Rogersraiders is a business I do get to write off expenses for what I write about.  Don’t get crazy ideas, I am certified at the IRS as a published author for more than 15 years.  You can’t write off blog posts the IRS will get you, sorry if that just burst some bubbles of random gaming business owners. It also helps me grow faster than most that I spend a ton of timer in the game.  I can grind out RSS hit all the events and with my understanding of the math get solid to great rewards for doing so.

5 thoughts on “Spenders vs Free Players in online Gaming or Time vs Money

  1. There are always big spenders. Thats life. However look at how GOG is spending too. I have compared GoG with ROS and others. Some of there methods of making money via there members does not give them credit. 1) GOGTake the recent easter deal. Collect 100 of those only to find out that you need 100 of another. Then you still need to pay $5?00. To get a hammer? Some members luck out by getting nothing for all that effort. Yet others are well rewarded. It should never have been a pot luck?

    1. A large portion of this game is oriental mindset. Gambling is core to that region. You are in a way defining the difference between working for what you get, getting what you work for and Socialist thinking that only the lucky move forward. I agree with you but then I like to work harder to get more.

  2. I bought the $5 building gear and am going to C20 next… The $20 gear has double the benefits of the $5 gear, the $100 gear only has double the benefits of the $20 gear but costs $80 more. I would be happy becoming a strong 26… Would the $20 gear get me there? I put some time into it. Sorry for the long comment..

    1. its hard to get past c22 right now without spendor or rather it takes time and dedication. You trade Money for your time. Everyone can get there for free its your patience that is at stake.

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