Setting up a New Kingdom for Long Term Growth K533 the Kingdom Of Kings

As you may know by now I have taken on the K533 Long term Kingdom project. So I went into it with a plan for an outcome but I do not approach the path like a step by step IKEA project.   There simply is no known approach to changing the thinking in 1000’s of people who all think they now got how the game works when it comes to people interaction and survival.  Then you throw a guy like me coming in with Youtube Channel shining a spotlight on everything and you get the gambit of responses.  The spectrum being from “oh I get it, I like it” to “Your just a dictator”  all to the same system. So how is it going?  I have to say way better than i actually expected.  Change is hard, New Ideas are never fully embraced and you have to deal with Rogues at every turn, who are going Rogue for no reason that even they can define.  Simply comes down to less game money more lithium may be needed.  We deal with it as a community and move on. So first thing I did was embrace the Tribal nature that exists in the game from day 1.  That being people are randomly thrown into an alliance and 2 days later they are “loyal” to the group.   I wish people took a step back approach and looked at who is in charge and how they expect others to act.  I tried the “reasoned” approach from the start in K362 and I wound up with some of the finest people i have ever played with and even against.  The problem is ignoring the hyper over aggressive players tend to bring the Kingdom to a slow grind one final straw at a time.  There is only so many times you can ignore KC or people who join a KvK team and can’t seem to control their mouths for 8 hours every two weeks. The other problem with a new kingdom start is seeing a board of “allies” for the same reason your alliance is random so is your “allies”  Like in K362 I started and still have NO ALLIES.  The simplest of reasons here is Trust is earned not given.  Everyone is on their best diplomatic behavior early on, then some one wanted no onions on their Big Mac and sent it back and little Bobbie Burger flipper is on his smoke break taking out the frustration in his world on our cartoon world.  What i learned over the past few years is little Bobbie Burger Flipper tends to get away with it via the drop tag move and back in alliance before 99 out of 100 players know what just happened.  Only the community knows and blames the team for his solo actions.  So my approach is now make sure the team knows by burning the team down early.  Make the conversation in Alliance chat WHY did RRG burn me last night.  Oh Little Bobbie Burger flipper thought he could buy speed ups and not lithium to deal with his issues. I don’t expect you will get too many of these guys to quit but you can “filter” them into a single place where everyone else who is silent knows we don’t trust them and we will have support dealing with that type of behavior. To add to the complex nature of a new kingdom.  You have companies coming in setting up bot farms, Run by sponsored real players who are hiding in dozens of alliances.  Plus I have my own team of YouTube Stalkers ( about 12 guys ) and I have come to enjoy toying with them, at least until one of them cuts out my kidneys leaves me in a tub of ice.  This adds a level of both excitement to the kingdom to see these drama trolls. To that end I have added some spend features to the website and to the Kingdom in the form of TeamSpeak both for our Saturday live sessions but also so we can clearly talk to each other inside the Kingdom.  It clears the air so quickly when you can hear each others voices and inflections in that voice so that words have true meaning. In Game I keep getting asked so what are the “Rules”  well there are no rules there is a standard, this standard I expect of my own players and myself.  Its one in which respects the rules of the game and allows us R5’s to do what an R5 should do that is train the newest players. The Standard I set.
  • Scouts are equal to attacks
  • No Allies – Open field combat
  • No Hive Hunting
  • No Lawyer logic on the rules
  • We play as Teams within a community
  That’s all the Standards “rules” Everything else falls around those simple standards.  If you park next to the wolf without a bubble your in open field so anyone can hit you.  Want to save march time put a bubble up.  It’s a mistake new players don’t make twice but also it shows you who the kingdom jerks are who would stop a little castle from getting their weekly player exp. The No allies comes into play when your rogue player drops tags scouts/attacks my hive and I burn your hive for it or you can PM their leader your choice.  At this point in time I am trying to change ingrained long term behavior learned in previous kingdoms on “how things work”  So a little shock and awe tactics this first go around with the new system is my method that seems to work. No Hive Hunting.  That means a group of tagged players grouped together even if they don’t have a fortress or the alliance isn’t bigger than the lines they have. You know what a hive looks like don’t attack players in their hive. SAFE AT HOME. If players are random teleported out the hunt can begin if your that type of player.  I do not do that but some do.  Do not try to glory kill anyone who is learning. Castle size is not an indication of new skill.  You can be brand new and spent $100’s of dollars and in need of guidance.  So it shouldn’t be a rogue players job to kill someone before they get a chance to learn to enjoy the game and grow as a team. No Lawyer Logic-  I will drop my tags then the rules don’t apply.  The rules are community standard so the rules apply to everyone at all times.  If your a talk to the former r5 type person and they agree screw him he can’t come back to us.  Great.  Or like me burn that hive so they don’t want him back or if he does come back they will not tolerate that behavior in the future. We play as a Teams within a Community.   I want the Community to grow.  It will not grow if Rogues keep preaching the only way to get ahead is to steal from others.  Its just laziness speaking or inability to think ahead.  People need a team to play with if they are going to stay.  We have a problem of having reasonable rules makes for kingdom boredom the first 2 months until UAC starts up. From a Gaming Community stand point  I want RogersRaiders to collect maybe 1 to 3% of the Good Players who may want to play together in other or future game endeavors so that a Good Quality community engages the Game with Standards that make the game fun while Game Developers make the money needed to keep the game fun without people buying Roman Noodles instead of real food just to play a game.   Plunder and steal as a game from your customers or plunder and steal in the game is not a standard I want for gaming moving into the future.