Rogers Raiders Welcomes our New sponsor Frontpoint Security

  I actually went out to find a home security sponsor.  Today’s wireless world has made getting a security system that is plug and play easy and dirt cheap.  Because of the large job loss this past year home burglaries are actually on the rise.  The jobless are hunting those heading to work and with the country posed to open up the lag from unemployed to employed will see yet another spike.  FrontPoint has a $99 security system depending on your home owner or renters insurance may just lower your premiums by more than that annually.   I am the GunMuse and I know my guns are walking currency to thieves.  Entire SAFES have been carted out of houses in my area.  Don’t take chances, I know i have heirlooms that I would never sell and therefore can’t be replaced.   True story.  We live in New Mexico and my dad and I were at a Gun Show in Oklahoma when he spotted a bolt action 410 that was stolen from him 42 year earlier.  He bought the gun back pulled the barrel to show where he carved his social security number into the wood.  That stolen firearm had been sold and traded dozens of times and it wasn’t practical but it meant the world to him.  Guard What you love Get a Quote now.
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