Public Test Realm Event Reviews and Strategy Notes

This article will be updated daily as more items of note become present.  Creating a forum for this event you don’t have to pay to be involve just sign up for free.
Uncharted Seas Event Guns of Glory
Make notes you think would help your kingdom get a faster cooperative start during this event. There is a slow grinding start to this event in the form of Solo Research and Alliance Research must be done at the same time.  Plus tower construction and planning for Bridge crossing to open ability to get higher level threats and defensive bottle necks.
  • Solo Supply Storage/ Faster Sorting need to go to max.
  • STAY BUBBLED. Until you have time to get your medical supply research at an ungodly level you lose you march its gone for days.
  • You need to farm tiles within your territory
  • R4’s need to know where and how to keep alliance research 20% donation buff going
  • The “alliance research” is event research not your normal daily research.
  • Big Bad actors of alliance can be dealt with by starving their resource gather rate by destroying towers.
  • So Kingdoms with lots of active players will play a hit and run strategy removing terrority.
  • While Big hitter only kingdoms should be spread thin for tower on tower fights via ULTRA MEGA’s
  • At level 5 solo research you want to engage your “backup supplies research”  This will allow surge spending between logins on a 3 hour cooldown which can be lowered by more research later.
  • Battle research will be KEY to being able to kill higher level threats starting off no one could kill a level 6 threat but +1 “pirate health”  jumps you to level 9’s.  Research level is on left hand side is expensive so spamming up your storage capacity will keep you from bottle necking that timer which reaches 2 and 3 hours very quickly.
  • Don’t horde all the large donation research and leave your next TimeZone shift stuck doing research timers for ZERO POINTS.  Know when to let others get their quests done. Try to move forward as alliance(s)
  • Bots gathering Resources outside Alliance boundaries are not helpful taking up space from human players who can focus on gathering that benefits alliance.
  • Send out Timer Emails with Latitude and Longitude  on Landmarks and other points of interest so you don’t add Alliance delay between leadership login.
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