New Updates to the New Updates

Ever get started on a project and get half way through and think. You know what this cake needs is Fudge filling.  Well the new updates I was making to the website got that that kinda out of control.  Built new software layer languages specific to us.  Built custom databases that can be access in way’s that will keep adding features and tools to website.   I started out just making tables and excel spreadsheets visible to the masses.   Then it became wait I have all this server power at my finger tips can I make that chart so you sort it and get the most free loot from an event?  Yup sure can.  How is this bad for you?  Well if you filled out stats profile I built last month your going to be mad cause… Well I deleted it.   AND that was tied to the current meat shield calculators.  Why would i do that?  Well the rumors are flying and large players are already complaining about the meat shield.  So I needed it to be more flexible to changes that may or may not be coming.  Frankly the meat shield has been good for Guns of Glory both the community and the Fun + company itself.   Nothing like a c40 losing t12’s to my t3’s to make my day cheery. Don’t worry on the Meat Shield pages the NEW stat entry table exists.  The new tables allow for full data entry including percentages.  This was key to calculate multiples of damage correctly.  Trying to work within the constraints of a content management system was just well. Over managed.   Once i released the new meat shield calculator The game put out a patch and made our lives a touch easier to build up all week long with  a lot more ease.  While I can complain about the no “are you sure” gold click button hidden under the speedup.   The fix is to get speedups turned into essence so they spend like gold clickity clickity. Unlike most companies I design LIVE. While that is dangerous to down time it has a benefit of you being able to come in every few days see what is changed and have some input before we get to far down the road of what comes next.   It may be hard for people to understand that some things we do are just a simple deal now but has a huge core value to something 6 months from now.  The GoG community is my team to make the things you need. So what is coming. The damn dynamic calculators i keep promising of course. BUT how about the ability to MAKE your own custom marches and use my website to play “what if”   Like what changes if i add a war book here or focus on a Guard Star for this march I like.  Team leaders will be able to send custom marches to their members for Towers and Mega’s and that march will be constructed using THAT users stats. Not everyone can be a Picasso but we all can paint by numbers. I have heard that the free member pages are requiring silver membership upgrade and I have coder that is responsible for that stuff looking into it.  NOT what I intended.  I just didn’t want it OPEN to the public without being a member.  Not trying to force upgrades guys I will fix it I promise the free stuff will be free. Ok I am going back to work.
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