Guns of Glory

New Servers, New App and will be New Problems


The site move itself is complete. New Security Certificates are installed.   MAIL on the other hand is controlled by a Shadow Government of immense size.  You would think i own the equipment, I own the domain, you want to get a mail from me click send.  Not so.  Its going to take a few days to get PTR Records and Reverse DNS setup and updated.  So I see all the new member sign ups and I see their emails being “bounced” by their providers.  We are sending you emails your just not getting them because an IT guy somewhere went to a conference on how to be the middle guy no one invited to the conversation.  We are the Borg you will be assimilated
  So I went and created myself some work.  With 62% of 450,000 people coming to every month being phone users, the rules of commerce say I should be developing for that market.  Only I don’t want to give up the website because it can be much easier to navigate than a phone.  So introduce An APP. This means being both Google and Apple Linux compliant.  Getting both apps certified and approved by the stores etc.  What we don’t want is sucky slow page delivery. I was upgrading the servers anyway, but this new level of tool increases the demand load.  As you may of noticed the site has had as many as 13,000 people on at a single time.  Eh and that is nothing we couldn’t handle didn’t even slow the page loads down.  BUT i want to be even more dynamic and personal with people’s accounts and I fear a KvK day when I have Attack formations vs Defense formations being pulled up by 1000’s at the same instance.  Not just the 10 guys in the rally but everyone who may be watching and wants to “just see” So the website is going to “move” now in theory you will never know it moved. Here is the reality. New base software, New Security Certificates, New hardware in a new location.  My biggest issue has always been the DNS caching by LOCAL phone companies. I have seen local caches “stick” for up 6 months.   Yelling at me and listening to your internet provider tell you its not them. Well it is them, always is them and the guy on the phone has no clue what DNS caching is and the tech who is supposed to know doesn’t care about you not getting somewhere.  Be prepared. Its my hope that 99% of you will never see a hiccup. I will shut down membership on one server and turn it on anther we will go from there, fixing problems as they arise. Make sure you guys thank a Silver member that $2 a month investment on their part makes these tools possible for the Free Member as well.
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