Keeping the Guns of Glory Crowd Up to Date on progress

Boom there is was right nothing worked the way it did the day before and not a single instruction.  You think you were floored you should of seen the 20k + emails and messages I got asking when I was going to fix it, the calculators, or join the revolution against the FunPlus company. Well lets start that story at the beginning cause frankly mouthy kids make up stories tell them to themselves and in their minds what they know is truth even though absolutely no knowledge was ever in that ball of mush at any point in time. First Everyone updates during the summer in the tech world its what we do.  If you watched any of my videos this spring everyone once in a while i would mention that I was going to upgrade the studio this year.  I did and what was supposed to be a 3 day project took almost 8 weeks. Plus I honestly still can’t use half of what i got properly so there is that, but I will take the time to learn. Ah Time, Covid should of stopped major game changes not just in Guns of Glory but in many games.  This was a failing of left thinking that you can what you want, when you want, as long as you feel its ok.  Well that cost millions of dollars. My frustration wasn’t that the game changed but that the company held “sales” then wiped out the in game product they sold as if it was ok.  That is a China problem.  Zero respect for property.  While legally today it was never your property, The money you spent WAS property.  So in fact property was destroyed and the ENTIRE industry of App resellers is going to have to learn that in at least the United States market.  When you take 30% of someone else’s work as a fee.  PLUS like in Apples case want to be the sole gateway to that fee.  You assumed responsibility, like it or not the market will hold you accountable. The fortnight fight is a very public fight over that very thought.   Basically phone company’s have spent decades dividing up who owns which customer.  The fight for market share wasn’t on phone revenue but for a tax on digital spending.  In the world of politics the tech industry backs the left because the leftist have zero respect for property.  Frankly the Tech industry has lied, pirated and stole made movies about how cool they were doing it.  Well Covid has put people at home with the TIME to start seeing what is basically chains on consumers in a new form of digital slavery.  Who owns your disposable income?  You, Apple, Google, Netflix?  They believe they are entitled to it, do you think you should have a say in how you spend your money? While we have heavy focus on Guns of Glory, the fact is that company makes constant arrogant mistakes based on numbers that don’t reflect 100% their doing.  When started talking about the game it was 50 million a year in income.  3 years later its 500 million a year and we control over 62% of the traffic that naturally seeks it via keyword on YouTube.  Not once has that company reached out to form a proper relationship or seek market guidance.   In their minds it’s theirs and instead they hired a marketing firm to take it back.  Sadly this is failing for them.  Each aggressive step over the year has not put me into the mood of being cooperative, why should it.  The other part that frustrates these companies is, The reader’s are my prize and if we are honest with them, I have no fear of what comes next. RogersRaiders is going to have to build NEW calculators.  Before we do that research has to be done.  That takes time.  Plus GunMuse videos are going to have some focus on the nature of the attitude in game that has run wild for years destroying FunPlus’s own business model.  We have games that are coming that we are helping from the ground floor of development. As for the Guns of Glory  crowd.  I am trying my best to help “OTHER” influencers take the lead and frankly, I get that spoiled child feeling from many of them.  GunMuse is on top so hate that guy, even if he is trying to help me.   I pity this way of life cause frankly as soon as I see this self destructive behavior I drop influences like a hot rock (remind me why did i heat up the rock?). The failing starts simply that someone “gave” me something.  Not that i spent 3 years building each day a little more.  Those that been around 3 years ago this was a 2 page website.  Calculators took 2 to 6 months each to build, test and deploy in cross platform capability. New guard systems are coming and  frankly Live video chats have had impact on fixing bugs and putting better explanations into the game.  I am sure the hired marketing team can take credit for that and not the motivation to squash GunMuse.  End of the day I appreciate all you following, reading even being guides in your own niche, very grateful for that every time I see it.  Can’s buy that type of person but I do appreciate everyone who becomes that type of leader. Take advantage of the 50% deal while I have it. Even if you only spend on daily deals free money is free money and it feeds my charity work or there is no reason for me to do this for you.  I already have HuaWei trying to tell me how to change to make it better for me.   My numbers are going up daily not down conversions are going down.  Again my goal is to grow MY market not theirs it being in their store helps you. Im onboard with that but never at the sake of my own growth.