Helping to solve the KVK power matchup balance

In todays “where’s my trophy world” to many knee jerk to its someone’s somewhere’ s fault other than your own.  Add to that we are talking about Kingdom wide math not just you and your alliance and there is tons of targets called “the other guys alliance” to start blaming.  Then we can add to the youth’s trained response to see the existence of money they don’t possess and to hate while trying to get it for themselves.  WHEW!!! Then we have our common enemy called “the developers” and frankly Guns of Glory gaming app support punts every response to the “developers” so this common enemy to the players themselves was built. First I am certain that the computer that rolls who plays who in KVK/UAC doesn’t say “see those guys” screw those guys. I want them to think the whole world hates them.  It simply does the math its told to do.  So I am going to attempt to address that flaw in THINKING vs fair play. Now I am writing this right after a KvK where my kingdom had a full 100 players awake at 3am in the morning. Had all their stuff bought and I estimate they spent collectively well over $10 grand in preparation as a fighting unit and preparted for an 8 hour fight as we have done times over the past 8 weeks straight.  Our C30’s against other kingdoms c40’s and frankly we work well as a unit and internationally coalesce.  I have been very proud of how K362 works together and if you have never been in a “bad” kingdom you just do not know how excellent it has become. So when KvK starts and Our c30’s see a 700 Million power c40 from Korea pop in with 45 war talents solo hit 1.3 million properly formationed tower with so much damage that it became my single biggest instant death hit EVER.  Well your reading the guy who looks at Every stat report like a scientist trying to find the cure for this cancer.  5 minutes that is how long our KvK lasted.  That c40 had 700 million power by the way.  Last minute joined a rally after hitting our tower to break the palace so he had 2 massive hits in a few minutes. I have seen this problem before and I warned our guys that this might happen.  In fact when everyone was asking what do you think we are going to get. I joked expect 5 c40’s to jump in and apply glass filled lube.  How did you know, and holy crap you were right again.  Wish I wasn’t but I think I have a reason I suspected this match up and can help the developers AND the players avoid these match ups. First I do not know how deep developers do Kingdom match ups. My insider back in December told me it was the Top 100 PLAYERS with Activity.  That means if someone has logged off for 30 days they don’t count. Now there have been several fixes to last minute players trying to get around the “power limit” matchup.
  • Gear Stripping ( your power is record over 30 day peak)
  • Last minute troop building ( number of speed ups you can buy is now limited)
  • Buying/Gifting dead super accounts (Guilty I have given away accounts)
  • Sanctuary hiding power (Also guilty I hide 50 to 60 million here all the time)
  • Artillery wiping during KVK to speed build pvp troops (also guilty hell I have a video on how to do this.)
  • Booting players
Ok so the problem is that the Pool being used for the match ups is too big and too deep.  Older kingdoms are more likely to have a c40 that has been bought for $50 dump a few hundred into newer items and have the latest greatest super account on the cheap.  For someone who needs to take life frustrations out on random people “future mall shooter style” this is the perfect storm on the cheap.  Like guns its not the gun that is the problem its the guy who is broken mentally wielding it.  Nothing is going to stop the madness until a good guy with a c40 loaded shows up.  The existence of the castle isn’t what is making our childish mindset bad actor giggle as he destroys other peoples hard work and money. So since I know a human being didn’t push the button to try to eliminate his own job.  Yes that is the effect of this massive imbalance Century Play, Paying customers just got trashed by black market sales. So when we faced a 9 billion alliance(10 guys) with our 6 billion Alliance (100 guys)  The POOL was too big.  Frankly I know enough that 9 billion would of been tough but not impossible had it been the kingdoms Top 100 making up that 9 billion. Had we limited the Pool for the match up a clearer picture would of come out in the math.  Top alliance take top 20 (active) Players and the picture would of looked more like our 2 billion power compared to their 9 billion power. Also add to that power rather subtract from that number TROOP COUNT.  The leader boards were put there to encourage spending on RSS and speedups but troop count in KVK is not the same math as in castle vs castle.  While having huge numbers means you can play longer it doesn’t mean you hit harder. Then there is these RANDOM numbers that add to individual power numbers.  Troops are the easiest way to race the leader board. They do not represent True power and that board needs to be redone without troops in the mix. So better kvk and UAC math can be had. This is what I call the 2 fix problem …Problem.  You don’t allow us to hit castles out in the kingdom lined along the forest.  So that OLD math is not relevant to todays rules of engagement.   Troops from a single account are limited by March Cap and totals by hall of wars. So Black market accounts and dead kingdoms are throwing up the problem and narrowing the pool would rebalance the matchups but not really fix the black market problem nor the dead kingdom problem. Kingdom mergers whoa anyone who was around back in the day of World of Warcraft when they started doing kingdom mergers it was a mess that never ended. So this fix of mine becomes and acknowledgement of digital value and investment on behalf of the customer.  I kid you not average readers will love it Lawyers are going to have to be consulted to implement such a simple fix. Trade in your old account.  You will never get back what you spent   In fact I would suspect $50 store credit per level past c26. Then some multiplier of your other stuff coa’s airship abilities gear etc. with a $2000 store limit max buy back for that c-40.  This will set a value on the “black market” stopping the $50 sales when a castle is worth $2000 in stuff in a “new kingdom” and I would even say that they either not be allowed to spend the credit until after first Kings challenge or join a kingdom past that stage of youth.  Remember broken people already have cheap super castles and that predator winds up looking for weaker and more prey. Now what can the players do from their side with what is the current pool method. Break up your Farm alliances. If you have farm alliances or farms in your alliance they count toward your power and you need to LONG term remove them and get them in an alliance that is NOT in the top 25 alliances. Remember I predicted our long streak of being just out powered by 1 or 2 guys to come to an end quickly this KVK cause of all the troop building our top players had been doing. Including those who didn’t show up.  IT WASN’T troop volume that over powered us and that’s why the pooling math needs to strip troop count from the equations.  For now they are part of that math. So when someone is trying to be number 1 on a board that doesn’t matter (Individual power board) its really the race to see who can screw the kingdom matchups the fastest. K362 has an advantage of hands on guidance as I do my research and promote my theory on game play.  I have been very proud of how well international alliances have learned to work on the same page despite language issues. Our participation activity is High so a large pool hurts us.  I can’t ask c26’s to fight 2400 stat c40’s cause there is no strategy that doesn’t waste their time and money.  The introduction of War Talents are mathmatically designed not to HELP someone but to overpower them.  The plus / Minus math on war talents means if your a c40 max stats your damage number go UP giving your already advantage in a fight less RISK of loss while doing that damage. 2 fix problem’s right?  making coiners happy broke the kvk system even worse than before.  So one of the problems winds up being the “power” that is assigned to war talents is WAY TO LOW, it doesn’t reflect the stat percentage that gives that advantage EVEN MORE POWER. So when the Korean accounts went black market and someone picked up an old account and spent pennies on the dollar buying 45 war talents it became in reality a 1 man Mega rally only I have never suffered that much damage from a c40 lead mega rally this was in effect handing one nation nuclear weapons in the stone age. I suspect that the pool is +/- 30% since the alliance vs alliance power was 6 billion to 9 billion but kingdom math came out from top 10 alliances. 90billion to 60 billion K362 top 10 alliances total 31.1 billion power.
  • X1 c36
  • X1 c33
  • C30s and c32s
K170 top 10 alliances total 54.9 billion power
  • X8 c40s
  • X25 c37 – c39
So on Kingdom math I have to assume INACTIVITY took place to eleminate players but in the top alliance vs top alliance match up of the 9 billion power 6 billion of that 9 billion was in 10 players alone.  Skipping the fact that 1 player had the power to solo break our strongest tower. Therefore the larger the pool the lower the average and it falls into your 30% variant that developers consider a safe zone. The fault is NOT on the developers. I thin what has happened here is someone in chare has said.  This isn’t working SomeOne fix it.  Well whats SomeOne’s last name, employee number was he/she late for work?  Hope you get my point just saying it sucks isn’t a solution to a problem, generally means your standing the way of the solution in my 50+years of experience.

Recomended Solutions for KVK Imbalance

  • Limit the pool to Top 25 active players in Kingdom
  • Define activity to a 75% participation in Events in recent past, not the 400 million power guy logged in to check his mail reset his farms.
  • Build a new Top Player Power List Without Troops
  • Build a new Top Player List Of Troops Only (only to stop whining)
  • Redefine the arbitratary power numbers, Gems, war talents, Airship talents STARS on airship Often much more powerful than a percentage stat.
  • Acknowlege some game play changes update gear and talent page to have Multiple tabs take the insane vip 12 off the talent reset. Events are big enough gold suck.
  • Address the rewards of KVK, they are dated and way to low for the investment. Include things like 400% increase to daily gold from bank. Epic Guard card packs for Non Combat cards in some kind of volume.
  • Help elminate the black market that attracts disturbed players looking to hurt players time and effort by offering a buy back exchange for dead castles vs move/merge to new kingdoms.
  • Castle size lock. Top 10 castles (average) shouldn’t be more than 2 castles sizes bigger than other teams top 10 castles (Average)
  • Maybe consider turnng KVK into virtual troop losses while this problem is addressed as a marketing and playability issue that it is vs a bug the boss told you to fix.
  • You wouldn’t make the IT guy the CEO of the company so stop telling the IT guy to run the company and get back to you.
  • War talents greatly effect game play so formation quanities need to be increased and main screen menu buttons need to be definable to things like shields/random ports/formation.
  • GunPowder growth rate is insanely slow KvK has evolved into 1 big alliance vs another MADE up of a kingdom not kingdoms vs kingdoms.  TOP 3 r5’s select / vote on alliance tag that represents kingdom in fight to help focus the math/observe methods of power cheating. That alliance gets temporary gunpowder costs of zero with 1 and 2 hour cooldown times.
  • Declaring the representing alliances also should allow castle on castle combat back into the equation regardless of location for those 2/3 alliances.
  • Keep in mind the cost of Losing KVK in this manner is not JUST the black market vs your market. Not only did the prep go to waste so does the next 2 weeks with no kingdom buffs for growth.  Weak are made weaker by next round.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help at DianDian I checked you have no job position for game strategy development maybe you should hire a consultant until you know what you don’t know.
  • Top 5 vs Top 5 match modifier. Like UAC if the top 5 vs top 5 is so skewed in power then additional power adjustments need to be made somewhere besides stats because the damage math is so powerful with war talents now.

6 thoughts on “Helping to solve the KVK power matchup balance

  1. Mate im in k21 and had exact same problem last KvK. I called the guy out as Mexican drug cartel. I run t12 and dropped 1k on kvk night. This economics is unbalanced competely agree. Love what your doing Muse.

  2. Yeah I looked in 170 as well…. Two alliances for their kvk efforts, one attack and one defence… 9.4 and 10.5 billion power… I got a similar response from support. In all our UACs so far we’ve had maybe 2 vlosely matched groups. Their formula simply ISN’T working.

    1. UAC is about activity and I think there the pool is bigger, the losses are not real and the event is 24hours. Most of the problem with UAC is the vast lack of understanding of how scoring works. Attitude problems toward the fact that players bigger exist. Which I have to admit I use against them. If you won’t let me destroy your troops be prepared for me to destroy your mind.

  3. Hi gunmuse,I just wanted to ask about this resonance boost,where does this 200% go,someone said to me he thinks it’s a balance I shouldn’t be upsetting, well I’m getting more troop att etc in my sk helmet so I use it,should i stand by it or will my stats be affected in a negative way?

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