Having them all and putting the power in your hands against Google Play Points

  Did you know that App Delivery companies are fighting and even PAYING you to use their delivery systems.  All the competitors of Google Play Points system has reached out to me with their separate programs.  So I am going to keep this article up to date on who is giving you what so you can Save the most money. You can install ALL the platform at the same time on your device and jump back and forth and take advantage of one deal or another being offered to maximize your free money.  

Google Play Points.    Effective return cash back rate is 1 to 1.4% of what you spend.

The current Bronze level is for every 1000 Points *Reads dollars* you can claim $10 in portable credit to play as you see fit while specific games may have lower point costs you need to check weekly to find out if your game is one of them.

Apple Appstore.   Effective cash is 10% on upfront balance deposits

Blue Stacks for PC or MAC Apple is a closed market once you buy their device they don’t allow 3rd party stores to invade their market.  To use 3rd party platforms you will be required to download Bluestacks to your PC or Mac to take advantage of other offers then return to your apple to play with your purchase if you choose.

Amazon AppStore Effective Cash Back is 10 – 20% on upfront balance deposits

https://rogersraiders.com/AmazonAPK If you spend $400 at one time you can achieve the $100 free Amazon coins instantly to your balance.  Guns of Glory and Lords Mobile being our big market this has been a solid use to have around when other offers are not available.

Huawei AppGallery  Effective Cash Back is 40%*time limited up to 75% also time limited

https://rogersraiders.com/AppGallery The various Marketing departments of Huawei are spending their budget to buy customers directly offer 90 days 50% cash back  and anyone who spends more than $1000 in a calendar month are getting an extra 25% bonus.

APK Direct / PC Direct

Right now the largest in the news is FortNite who is trying to recapture their 30% fees they pay to Apple and let their players have the discount direct from their own store at Epic Games  Epic Games is actively on our watch list as they are on the up-rise for more than just a phone games.  Tons of games are FREE each month with Epic Games and all PC gamers should have an account with them to take advantage.    
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