Great Stats or are they?

You will see it often when a kill or defense is made and someone shares a report.  Great stats, everyone exclaims but do you know what great stats even look like?

To understand the numbers you need to know what beats what.

Think of strategy games as a bunch of small games of Rock Paper Scissors.  You can play the chance version or you can watch your opponent and know what they are going to do.

You will also hear the wisdom about how only the Top 3 lines matter. True but not mathematically so.  The fact is the Troop stats are the hardest buffs to get so when they are larger you have worked on your bottom stats to achieve them.  So if your reading this hopefully you understood work on the individual stats and the Troop numbers will follow.

So you see we have 40 stats that we work with but they interact with 3 different other statistics making that 120 rolls plus the offense defense aspects are different making it 240.  So you click Attack and 240 math problems are being calculated.

Now most people roll their eyes at algebra so we not be showing you the 240 minor math problems surrounded by () but we do need to show you a simplified version.  Tell you what beats what and then if you need.

So we are going to use the same math but in 3 different scenarios

Base Stats

T6 Infantry


  • Health = 8
  • Attack = 3
  • Defense = 9
  • Speed = 8
  • Power = 37

T6 Cavalry

  • Health = 3
  • Attack = 5
  • Defense = 4
  • Speed = 13
  • Power = 37

T6 Distance

  • Health = 3
  • Attack =6
  • Defense = 3
  • Speed = 8
  • Power = 37

So now we need to define A kill from wounded.  A Kill is the elimination of 100% of the health

Troop Attack

Troop Attack adds this percentage to Each of your 4 troop types. So if you have Troop Attack of 100% and Infantry Attack of 100% your infantry get 200% in the roll making them more likely to Hit

Troop Defense

Troop Defense is just like Troop attack in that it stacks with Each of your four troop types making them harder to Hit

Troop Health

Troop Health is one of your most important defense stats.  It adds health to each of your 4 types of troops making them harder to kill.

Infantry Attack

Infantry Attack is one of your weakest stats and hardest to level up.

Infantry Defense

Infantry Defense is a key stat as Infantry tends to take large amounts of your marches damage Reducing your ability to be hit

Infantry Health

When a Hit occurs the enemies damage numbers are applied to you health numbers with a rolling damage effect.

Cavalry Attack

Cavalry Attack is rolled against infantry Defense to determine your cavalries ability to hit your enemies defense

Cavalry Defense

Infantry Defense is rolled against the Attacking Rifleman

Cavalry Health

Cavalry have the worst health so stacking it not good use of stat chasing.  Instead protect the cavalry with large amounts of rifleman.

Distance Attack

Distance Attack is a very powerful stat allowing your rifleman to protect your cavalry so they get more kills from their superior damage.

Distance Defense

Distance Defense prevents enemies infantry from exposing your cavalry to massive losses to other subclasses of infantry.

Distance Health

Distance Health counteracts damage

Artillery Attack

Artillery Attack is rolled against enemy traps

Artillery Defense

Artillery Defense is rolled against enemy infantry

Artillery Health

Artillery Health is rolled against infantry Damage.

Army Damage

Army Damage by far your most powerful attacking/Defense stats. Damage is applied to all 4 troops

Infantry Damage

Depending on subclass Infantry Damage can be rolled against Cavalry or Distance

Cavalry Damage

Cavalry Damage can take on Rifleman or Infantry depending on subclass

Distance Damage

Distance Damage takes out either Infantry or Cavalry

Artillery Damage

Artillery Damage is rolled against Beasts and traps

Army Damage Received

Direct reduction in damage is rolled against combined damage numbers

Infantry Damage Received

Direct reduction in damage Rolled against proper subclasses damage within tier structure.

Cavalry Damage Received

Direct reduction in damage Rolled against proper subclasses damage within tier structure.

Distance Damage Received

Direct reduction in damage Rolled against proper subclasses damage within tier structure.

Distance vs Infantry Damage

This is subclass specific to Distance Troops that attack Pikeman.

Distance vs Cavalry Damage

This is subclass specific to the attacking of cavalry subclass

Cavalry vs Infantry Damage

This is subclass specific

Cavalry vs Distance Damage

This is subclass specific

Infantry vs Distance Damage Reduction

This is subclass specific in direct damage reduction

Infantry vs Cavalry Damage Reduction

This is subclass specific in direct damage reduction

Battlefield Treatment

This percentage takes troops that were rolled as dead and converts them to wounded instead very powerful stat

Trap Attack

Increase ability of trap to apply damage

Trap Defense

Defense is rolled against enemy artillery

Trap Health

Damage reduction based on applied damage

Distance vs Artillery Damage

The ability of Distance to destroy artillery

Infantry vs Artillery Damage Reduction

Ability of infantry to absorb damage from artillery.

Targeted vs Distance Damage

Damage done directly to distance troops before any other pvp engagement is rolled.

Estate Army Attack

This stat adds to all 4 troop types but only on defensive roll for marches located inside your castle

Estate Army Defense

This stat adds to all 4 troop types but only on defensive roll for marches located inside your castle

Estate Army Health

This stat adds to all 4 troop types but only on defensive roll for marches located inside your castle



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  1. Hey GunMuse,

    you also reached c30+ right. Would you say your Calc is still operative. Heard people say that you created it and optimized it for T9 meta?

    Until now I fit really fine. When I had some losses with a full 190k march with T9 as best unit, I only had losses primary in T2 and T4 infantey and in some T3 and 5 Cav. Now as I go up a step to T10, I will push them higher but also T2 slips out and T4 will be my main meatshield, right?

    What do you think of the transition to T10 and your calc?

    Greetings from Germany

    • No one talks to me nor do they know my full test castle package. Afraid your the victim of people trying to feel important. T9′ distance has a bonus increase in damage as of patch 3.0 This supported the calculator pre war talents if you put the damage where the mass of damage was already. T11 infantry and Cavalry also have increases that so significant we can’t ignore how much it changed the battle outcomes. Simply put THEY PATCH we PATCH working on my patch now. Good question on two fronts though, thanks.

  2. Thanks for putting information out there. Question for you. As T9 and T10 cav are the same subtype (strong against riflemen) and T8 cav is the strongest of its subtype (strong against pikemen) for those with c30-c34 castles, shouldn’t the cav T9s be much less than cav T8s?

    • yes but not in the volume that your thinking and on the 3rd tier we are guarding the t9’s. So 8,9,10 are our power tiers for c30 to 35. Yet the tiers do not fight UP very well. So the t8’s will kill more infantry but for tiers 8 through 1. Same with t6’s you can get as high as 20″1 kills. All perfect world math. What your hoping to accomplish. breaking THEIR formation so that the 2nd and 3 strikes are more powerful.

  3. Donny I could do with some help.I seem to be at a bit of a standstill right now. I probably spend around £150 a month on this game, but my money goes on lots of different things and my stats don’t seem to be improving that much. I am c31, and my airship is level 58, i have level 3 sun king gear, and my guards are max stars. (not the 3 new guards though, they are all only 2 stars). Is there just one thing i should mostly be putting my £150 a month in to instead of lots of different things? Thanks in advance!

  4. So far im a castle 23 most of my stats are 1000% 2 nearly 3 are 1,100% what do you think I should work on now lie castle level becuase i want thoses t9s or boost my stats higher?

  5. I’m looking forward to the damage video brother,you have done brilliant and you teach noobs like us(not anymore I have to say)all down to you and your team.
    Long may it last.

  6. And I’m…..well I’m old ok grrr lol,you guys make it easy for me to understand, I’m actually helping r4.
    Well done again.p.s I have mailed so many mods and always “nothing “can you Explain to me what the 200% resonance boost! Is for,please help.What it is is I’ve got an sk+5 helmet that’s alot better than my retri so I kept it on.i know I lose 15% att but I get that from my helmet.

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