First Personalized Guns of Glory Calculator

Guns of Glory Artillery Meat Shield
Guns of Glory
How do you prevent a Chinese gaming studio from screwing over its players? Well my thought was why would you do that to your customers.  Last June a major shift in Guns of Glory (GoG) gameplay came with the “guard update”.   You wouldn’t believe the number of places in Discord, Line and on Youtube and in my Private Message on this site on we will wait for GunMuse to update.

Preview the Artillery Meat Shield Now

Well its Feb 2021 and I have 1/4 of the first calculator completed. The good news is its dynamic both on my side and YOURS. What does that mean?  Well should someone go crazy and do somethign stupid like kingdom mergers or change stats on troops add layers etc. These calculators are quicker to fix. We use your health and the building of the meat shield starts to demostrate how big the numbers are behind the pretty explosion on the screen. I am basically creating a Guns of Glory simulator. Take the core stats and our “assumptions” Trust me folks sometimes we just guess lucky and get it right. The Artillery HAS to be first. Its truly a shield now in volume very unlikely to die protecting your other troops while you build up the volume for an epic account. Guns of Glory Artillery Meat Shield
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