FireWall production complete but then I broke it.

Ok so first we had the “artillery” only table which wasn’t supposed to be Artillery only.  When did the math on Artillery first knowing that they were “important” more so than they had been.  How, Not saying simply put GoG doesn’t even know how their own game works and actually tries to prompt me to explain it to them.  My first and only goal is to help those who come here to help themselves and others. So I stopped putting out the original. Math tables and only built 2 of the 4 because i found a more elegant way of making that math relevant to YOUR account.   Will the new firewall Kill Dark Mystic.  Uh know he killed 5 million of my troops in 1 hit. BUT it takes a team of players forming mega rallys not to lose all their troops during KR.  So if you for some reason have a team of developers trying to prove you wrong by misusing the game as their testing platform AND my money as if they owned it. Well then you should know eventually the people who don’t have to pay for high level accounts are going to get more wins. On the flip side.  The firewall cuts down on the nerd ragers who like to gold blow in UAC and KR on little accounts.  This allows you to cut down on heal cost and stay in the fight longer at a lower real world cost.  Its a humble goal to make you game better and longer but it one i try to achieve. What did I do to the Firewall. Well I had the first 3 layers up.  Called the Wooden layer and was adding in the Iron and Silver layers.  (1-3 use wood to build 4-6 add iron to build and 7+ add silver)  These layers perform differently.  So each layer had to be tuned a bit differently.   Well I clicked saved while a cache purge on the website was taking place and corrupted the Database table for that math.  I have it all backed up but i will have to rebuild it by hand. This has been a bit of a challenge with my health lately but I assure you will happen quickly.
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