Tuning your Airship Abilities for better victories

Tuesdays Expeditions – Airship

Expeditions are great tool to learn how to tune your Guns of Glory Account(s).  On Tuesdays Expedition we are focused on the Airship  ONLY the airship stats count toward your ability to get a victory in this weekly event.  It is designed to help you understand how to use your Airship in all aspects of the game.  While the rewards are great the knowledge you learn about what to focus on next is more valuable.
Stat Defeat during the Airship Expedition
Stat Defeat during the Airship Expedition – Click to enlarge
So if you are here looking for help in this area you probably have a screen that keeps popping up that looks like my you are a loser screen shot.  I focused in on the stats because this is what determines if you can win. There are several limiting factors limit your ability to just click a button and get more powerful.  Your Airships Class, Airship Abilities, Abilities Level, Intensity Gears, Cores(most powerful stat), Bearings, Shielding, and Cannons. Plus your abilities are capped by your Airship Level as well as you ability to change class being capped by how many Guardian/Assault components you have acquired and used. First thing to do on this mission should be obvious if not forgotten because its tedious and that’s to change your Airship Class.  You want to set your airship to Hostile Titan.  You get an immediate boost to your stats. Attack, Defense and Health get a boost based on your airships current level.  Simple enough level your airship get more stats.  A quick note on TROOP stats.  They are really a x4 stat.  They effect all 4 types of troops on this event you only have 3 types of troops Distance, Infantry and Cavalry.  So it becomes a x3 stat boost each of the types get boosts in addition to any boosts you will set on your abilities page.
Focus on the Attack tab for this event. Order matters based on what you can level for boosts.
Focus on the Attack tab – Click to enlarge
Now lets click Assign Abilities exposing our 4 tabs- Attack(our concern for this expedition) Defense Gathering and Beast.  These tabs are AUTOSELECT based on what you’re doing with your airship, You go hunting vampires in the forest the Beast tab is used.  During an Red Guard Event Your Defense tab is used and Gathering should be self explanatory and is usually your default setting before doing Spirit Mines and Alliance Gather points. Besides your abilities you have your ability enhancements Because the Abilities slide right to left as you remove them you need to pay attention to what you can level and how high you have that level.  For instance a 3 x enhanced Blue Core is better than a 2x Enhanced Purple core not just in bonus stats but because the purple requires level 20 to turn on the third stat.    If your abilities are below level 15 USE GREENS, Once you hit 15 you can switch to enhanced Blues and Level 20 on the ability you switch to Enhanced Purples.  Its cost effective use of resources to level these stats to max in order.  For instance I don’t have a 3x enhanced purple core(our most powerful stat) but if I did I would slide my abilities around and use my level 20 Troop load to engage the 3rd stat for that ability and the core.  Giving me 9% vs 8% as it stands if I put the purple core in I would get 6% on just 2 stats for a total lose of 10%. 2% per use and the blocked 3rd stat of 6%. Damage is our most powerful stat in the game.  Attack determines if the random roll will HIT but when it does Damage determines if its a clean kill or it will have to roll again.  Defense guards against the ability of our enemy to hit us.  So defense guards against being damaged at all but does not stop it when it occurs.  More Troops, More Random Rolls.   So carrying more troops always gives you an advantage and of course higher Attack means you will damage and damage determines how much. So when using your airship understand the event your in and tune accordingly. So the abilities you see equipped in the picture above are in order March Capacity (Assault) Cavalry VS Infantry Damage (Assault) Infantry VS Cavalry (Guardian) Infantry VS Distance (Guardian) Cavalry VS Distance Damage (Assault) Distance VS Cavalry Damage (Assault) Distance VS Infantry Damage (Assault) Troop Attack (Assault) On my screen you see that I don’t have ability 8 open yet cause I am not airship level 45 since troop attack is such a powerful stat that’s why it opens last and eventually open up the Extra troop damage and kills
Even with a less powerful army the damage stats makes the few troops overwhelm the odds.
Once you have “tuned” your airships abilities and level lets go back to the Event and try again.  Read your stats report to show your weakness.  Note on my graphic how I am outgunned on every stat except 3 by big numbers this is explained above by what’s more important and how attack is ability to hit and damage is what happens when we do.  Increasing either of those stats gives me an advantage with a smaller army. Intensity gears these drop from fights in Catacombs and thus the trade triangle of parts from Spirit Mines, catacombs and Expeditions. When you level your Airship you get Creature XP as a bonus this is by design, the two events work together. While you’re getting the gears to drop or buying them you want to put what little you have in the best possible spot. That’s Right, Damage is our most power stat.  Now I have enough to bump from one star to 4 star on my Cavalry vs Infantry as well as my March Capacity.   Keeping in mind that more damage doesn’t mean they land the blows more often but by increasing capacity I get more chances to toss those blows. Going to directly back to the fight I lost in the above screenshot for a same same fight comparisons. I will show one stat at a time first Cavalry damage vs infantry only. Now keep in mind that you are leveling for “real world” fights as well.  Expeditions and Spirit Mines do not use your real troops.  Attacking another player does.  Throwing bodies at a problem on those style attacks means you will spend a week building new troops.  TAKE NOTE OF THAT LESSON.  In expedition you can try over and over again but keep in mind Damage and Attack must overwhelm a real world enemy.  
Don’t throw more troops at real world targets it only leads to a loss of resources and time.
Now lets throw some more troops at my problem and see the results. A pencil and paper are you best friend while you learn to go from one event to the next and try to plan 2 days in advance on what stat your focused on for the best benefit.      

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