How to finish the Daily Quests in about 5 minutes:

Sign in: (10 points) 10 total   Gather Silver, Iron, Wood, Food: This needs some preparation -> You need to send out 4 marchest to gather each resource. They must still be gathering after midnight. (Tip: Whichever resource takes the longest to gather, send the airship out with that march to speed it up.) (15*4 = 60 points) 70 total   Research: Have a research project going that will finish after midnight. (20 points) 90 total   Collect Tributes: Stop collecting tributes about an hour before midnight and start redeeming them now (10 points total) 100 total   Help Allies: Stop helping your allies about 30 minutes before midnight and help them all now. (25 points) 125 total   Alliance Donations: Stop donating 1 to 3 hours before midnight and donate now. (20 points total) 145 total   Train Troops (x4) / Build Traps / Upgrade Buildings: These can all be done without worrying about timing. Have 250 troops in all 4 buildings already trained. DO NOT click on them to “finish” the troops until after midnight. This also works with the 200 traps you need to build and also for 1 upgraded building. (4*25 = 100 + 20 for the traps + 20 to finish an upgrade) 285 total   Reinforce Allies: Send some to reinforce your closest ally. (10 points) 295 total   Trade Station: Send any resource (Tip: wood is the cheapest) through the Trade Station. Count 5000 wood + taxes. If taxes are 20% for 5000 wood, this means 5000+1000 = send 6000. (15 points). 310 total   Market Stall and Trade Station: Just do the free trade options options. (Tip: For the Market, it’s easiest to trade in wood and the lower amounts of food.) (The minimum for doing both is over 15 points) 325 total   Underworld Villain: Redeem 1 gate key if possible (10 possible points) 335 total   Attack Red Guards: Send out or join 1 Red Guard Rally (15 points) 350 total   Craft Equipment: (Tip and Trick: Fight the room 1-3 in the Catacombs. This will give you a cheap design fragment. Craft it in 2 seconds and dismantle. Save the design and repeat this tomorrow.) (20 points) 370 total   Mystic Jackpot: Redeem 1 spin or pay for 1 spin only. (Tip: to speed this up, close the window during the spin to get the reward faster and to save time.) (30 points) 400 total   Astrologer: Spin the wheel 6 times in total. This is the 1 free spin + 5 spins. (Tip: Save all extra stones for the “Astrologer Event”. Close the window during each spin to speed up. For Tarot cards, Only choose the free card and then “Give Up”. I’ve been told that it takes 255 to turn over all 9 cards. If you would like to win 2000 gold, save up 255 and turn over all the cards during the Astrologer event. You will win the gold and Event points.) (15 points) 415 total Boosts Use 1 or more boosts to put the daily points over 420. That is the maximum amount of points done in about 5 minutes or less.

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