Catacombs and Your Creature

Completion of Level 50 with Level 31 Creation
First off I am hoping you are reading this before you build your creature, really wish something like this existed for myself, charts and graphs on the gold farming sites are not helpful if you don’t know the context. In Gun of Glory there is a trade network within your own estate.  Your creature is a key component to the growth of your account.  Unlock your ability to create your creature when your AirShip reaches level 10 inside the doctors lab.  Now when you build this creature you also unlock the catacombs because of the large cooldown between visits please read the full guide before you venture into the catacombs.

Guns of Glory Creation XP Levels and Talent Points

The first few points it wont matter which tree you pick BUT further down the tree are “Talents” and which talent you pick dictates what gear set you have to buy and the talents in the same tree SUPPORT that talent.  Many players like to spread out the talents and grab Satchel Capacity 1 from multiple trees.  Because of the long cooldown this is not a bad strategy.  It takes you to level 30 to fill in 10 points on each tree by then you should understand which tree you want to follow. The satchel capacity in your research is KEY to your ability to grow your account.   Key Point it does you no good to have health and satchel capacity and not be able to clear the floors.  You must clear 10 floors in order to PLUNDER (auto play) those floors later.  Floors 40-50 start dropping gears and schematics for your airship regularly.  You will have to have gear, talents and stamina to clear these floors.
Satchel Capacity is dictated by Skills (your creation level), VIP Status, Research, and the Talent Tree
So if you choose to do the 3 tree startup PLAN on doing a talent reset once you start putting gear on.   Don’t worry about buying green vs blue vs Epic gear the dismantle process is VERY generous so buy what you can afford now (Greens) Put on a full set of MATCHING gear.  Once you get to level 15 start buying your Blue pieces one at a time.   Now while we need our creature to grow you do have to choose Grow your creature or Grow your account.  A Happy medium is being around 800 to 1000 satchel capacity.  You use your Catacomb loot to Buy Airship Parts to Boost Troops based on your Abilities levels.  When you reach Castle Level 15 you will use them to buy Coats of Arms to boost troops further based on your Interior Buildings Level. The first thing your going to buy is of course CREATURE EXP.  Cause you can’t even put on greens until your level 5 but more importantly we can’t buy Crests until you buy Blue gear and CRESTS are key to a big stat boost on your creature getting you through more floors. Pick your talent tree Match the gear to that TREE.

Guns of Glory Creation Brutal Talents Tree

Savage Gear Set >>>Wild Gear Set >>> Devastator Gear Set

Guns of Glory Creation Warrior Talents Tree

Gallant Gear Set >>> Protector Gear Set >>> Fearless Gear Set

Guns of Glory Creation Explosive Talent Tree

Heatseeker Gear Set >>> Scarlet Gear Set >>> Destruction Gear Set So which Talent tree is best? It appears that Warrior tree is easiest to get further in Catacombs with and Explosive does better in PVP events at this time.  So while we are leveling your Creation I would advise you choose the warrior tree and then work on a second set of gear for pvp down the road. Its best to have your creation focus on its own growth until at least level 31.  At this point you can get deep enough into the catacombs to open up everything but resource menu which opens up at level 55. In the screen shot above my creature is Warrior Talent Tree level 31 with a full set of Fearless gear and Crests at LEVEL 2.  None of this is a far off goal it only took about 5 weeks to achieve this setup.   With strict focus on the creation itself as you level your Castle you will be able to get Coats of Arms and still keep improving your creature. Is it better to level a piece of gear or improve it?  Moving to better gear is the smarter move.  In fact while the screenshots say you get set resonance with all pieces at level 5 that resonance doesn’t exist in blue and purple gear only orange gear.  So focus on growth until you can equip the orange gear then improve it to level 5  AFTER you have all your crests at least at level 2. Working on VIP 8 and then 9 is important for how fast you can clear levels and mobs.   With VIP 9 you can instant kill a mob without a fight cut screen.  Makes exploring new floors    Then there is the daily grind of just getting more coins for your gear and growth and with VIP 9 you can do multiple floors with just the click of the button. Happy Hunting.

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  1. In the first week there is the musketeer road. I have completed all challenges bar quick catacomb exploration. How do I complete this? For the lif of me I cant figure it out. Please advise. Thanks

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