Building Expeditions – Where do those stats come from

Yeah its Saturday.  Tons of expedition loot.  Lots of speedups and banners and its one of those days where you can bounce between growth and expeditions and back to growth again. So first what makes up those stats your fighting over.   Simply put its COA’s (Coat of Arms) and Glory Banners.  These two items work hand and hand.  You may of seen those guys with 1000+ stats and the Coat of Arms is one of the areas that is key to getting those 4 digit stats. While we are talking about the expeditions in this article this is a critical comment to how well you do in battle. The mistake that I most often see is the race to an outside shiny new castle.  That is generally coupled with the cries “how will I ever compete against these coiners?”  If you have joined a new kingdom you will commonly see quickly built castles get their butts handed to them by castles 4 levels smaller who built properly rather than outside bragging.    A true coiner only needs to spend $40 a week to be one of the kingdoms powerful.  The 4.99 COA’s package and the $4.99 Airship parts package each week is huge power. So your new to the game is the way I write these up and strictly talking about the location of those stats. First of watch anyone of a dozen of our catacomb videos.  If you started in a new kingdom and are not pounding growth out in catacombs you will not get ahead of the curve for free.  You need to buy your COA’s from the Daily Deal (DD) or use the catacombs. Your Glory Banners need to reach a specific level to active your COA and your buildings need to be level 15 to add Glory banners. So here is another common mistake. The order in which you level your buildings.  Too many are troop level focused and not troop strength focus.  Damage is the KING of all stats.  Damage reduction is key to survival.   Research should be the focus of all the speedups you have because its so easy to fall behind on research. So the list is order of what to put your Glory Banners on in order of importance to the survivability of your CURRENT troops.  Do not focus on a new tier of troops if you don’t have the stats to keep them alive. So you hear the bell ring DING New shiny C-16 (one of our pause and catchup levels, 22, 26, 30 being others) Building >>>Glory Benefit>>>COA Benefit
  • Academy >>>Troop Attack>>>Distance Attack/Defense/Health
  • Trap Factory>>>Army Damage>>>Troop Attack/Defense/Health
  • Forge>>>Infantry Damage>>>Infantry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Embassy>>>Cavalry Damage>>>Infantry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Lookout Tower>>>Distance Damage>>>Distance Attack/Defense/Health
  • Warehouse>>>Army Damage Received>>>Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Walls>>>Infantry Damage Received>>>Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Munitions Exchange>>>Cavalry Damage Received>>>Infantry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Trade Station>>>Distance Damage Received>>>Troop Attack/Defense/Health
  • Hall of War>>>Troop Health>>>Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Airship Dock>>>Troop Defense>>>Distance Attack/Defense/Health
  • Castle>>>Troop Attack/Defense/Health>>>Troop Attack/Defense/Health
  • Shooting Range>>>Distance Health/Attack/Defense>>>Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Stables>>>Cavalry Health/Attack/Defense>>>Infantry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Barracks>>>Infantry Health/Attack/Defense>>>Troop Attack/Defense/Health
  • Artillery Foundry>>>Artillery Health/Attack/Defense>>>Distance Attack/Defense/Health
There it is folks This the order that you should put your glory banners on your account and for the most part is the best order to construct your buildings.  You will find that with dual timers the overlap is very nicely timed and setup in a manner that you are spending your Loose RSS on big items just before a good KE event.                      

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