Alliance Recruiting for Guns of Glory

Kingdom 312 (RRG)
Rogers Raiders
I myself have built huge alliances / guilds inside games.  Being this type of leader seems appealing to some but to be a great leader you need to be a great follower.  Now it sounds contrived but its not, its an absolute truism.   A good follower knows how to ask questions that are designed to exchange knowledge.

What other kinds of questions are there you ask?

Well there is an attraction to power even digital power and some like to make questioning a form of engagement designed to brown nose the leader.  Acting as if asking the question is just so others can hear the answer. A follower takes it upon themselves to make a plan on achieving community goals independently of the others.  You all have seen it or may of said it.  I will just wait until someone tells me what to do. If I say go to point #2 and your next question is where is point #2, you sir are now wanting to learn basics when an activity is taking place and for some reason think that instead of participating with others all coordinated efforts should stop and information that should of been known before should now be relayed. Its not your fault,  socialized education has removed deductive reasoning exercises from schools.  Doesn’t mean you can’t learn them but it does mean it won’t come naturally. Strategic games require common effort.  Growth is not logging on and begging for Resources from others because you now want to click a button for a bigger castle. Too many wagons seem to find One-way streets.  Don’t become part of an alliance where you notice constant resources being dedicated to a few individuals at the top, even if its willingly.   If you leaders will not do their own work failure is on the horizon its just going to be an epic one. Plus there is an underground economy to sell Guns of Glory Accounts.  Being an alliance leader is a great way to make that happen.  You may find that the entire officer core is really a guy with 10 laptops. Many of you who read this may already have an account.  Know you are in a rut and starting fresh and joining us sounds great.  We have a lot of work to do on these articles and that means everyone who wants to be a part of that effort to grow will have to be willing to put the work into themselves. If you take care of your account I promise the alliance will be stronger than anyone else’s every time. If you are creating a new account you have to reach level 6 in order to change kingdoms (go to your map find 312 and there is a scroll in your bag for making it happen.  Following the simple basics that I have laid out here in gathering and you will be c16 in just 2 weeks. Know the Kingdom 312 Rules and want to play within those confinements. You will want to search to join Alliance RRG (all caps)  Its open but that means the work on your account rules are enforced.

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