50% off Guns of Glory or Lords Mobile for 90 days from RogersRaiders.com

Term of agreement and Termination The term of the agreement is valid until 31.12.2020 and exclusive. RogersRaiders players will get a 50% instant cashback in Huawei Points, only for Lords Mobile or Guns of Glory. RogersRaiders players will get a 25% VIP Bonus in Huawei Points if they spend +1.000€ in a calendar month which will be calculated and reset monthly.

  Steps to get 50% Cashback for 90 Days plus 25% More vip bonus for heavy coiners.
  1. Bind your account to FaceBook or Google Account.
  2. For BlueStacks and Android devices simply place this link in your devices browser or click now.
  3. https://rogersraiders.com/AppGallery
  4. Click install
  5. Set your country to Germany *This will not change your language*

  6. Uninstall Amazon and/or Google Playstore version of game JUST THE GAME APPSTORES CAN STAY.
  7. Open AppStore on your device/Bluestacks for Apple users is required.
  8. Install your Lords Mobile or Guns of Glory again to your device (version code will have an F behind it now)
  9. Make any purchase 99 cent or better then follow the instructions in other video to submit your account for our Discount buying package.
  10. It really was that simple.