2020 Computer Options for PC and Phone Games

With all the advancement in handheld devices today the fact remains for new and old games a PC is just better, for your posture, your eyes and your sanity of not straining to see. Either its a phone game or PC Game, you just want to play at a level that is stress relieving.   If your laptop or PC is newer than 2013 Windows 7 or better then it can be refurbished for pennies on the dollar. Today’s PROPER refurbishment is stupid simple. First you need a 8 gig now some PC’s HATE usb 3 for loading windows. I have used for more than a decade the Kingston Data Travelers as 99.9% will recognize it as the usb type the laptop/PC supports. Plus most of these thumb drives have been in 1000’s of machines and STILL WORK.  So worth every penny in my professional opinion.    Next you need a new hard drive.  Now I am going to recommend a SSD but only because windows 10 now properly supports SSD’s and the price of the SSD has gotten reasonable.  A 500 GB SSD is MORE than enough to game on and keeps your cost low.  Do NOT get a 250gb you will find that the reliability will go down with the way windows operates.  Once you have your Thumb drive you are going to format it. Then download this program DIRECTLY TO THE THUMBDRIVE (STUPID SECRET MICROSOFT WILL NOT TELL YOU) OK silly thing your going to run the program FROM the thumbdrive and actually FORMAT that same drive when it asks.  Goes against the grain of what you may know about how computers work but just do it only way this will work. Now if your rebuilding a tower PC or a ALL IN ONE instead of a laptop go ahead and get the 2.5 Laptop SSD but also get this adapter. DO NOT CHOOSE A CHEAPER ONE unless you have tools to modify the $3 vs the $10 adapter.  The plugs will not line up in some devices with cheap adapters.  OK on windows 8 and 10 computers you will have to go into BIOS and disable Security and ENABLE Legacy boot.  Follow your manufacture recommendation. For the None do it yourselfer or if you just want help choosing a new computer within your budget that will last at least 3 to 7 years. Here is my suggestions.