New Live event Policy

In the past few months I coupled live YouTube Events with actual events in game.  Funplus has a poor timing schedule and has 10’s of 1000’s of users now. One of my issues dealing with a growing audience is the individuals who build up a personal relationship in their minds and then feel slighted to find out I am speaking alone to a camera in a room, not really one on one. The GunMuse platform has its share of lovers and haters and I personally love both.  The math suggests that if I embraced the “Drama” we would grow faster but I have only dabbled there and the chaos it brings is long term destructive compared to its short term gains. In 2020 we will be slowly expanding into the WoW Addon content.  A very very tough market.  Using new math called “Barrier to  entry”.  In the Guns of Glory world I own the Barrier to entry math.  That being what it is I also know now what is NOT THERE as much as what is really there. The live “bull” sessions will be just that but no longer will live be left up for later review after 3 days.  The YouTube market see’s a video longer than 5 minutes and knows… BRAGS even that will not watch something longer than 5 minutes.  My average viewer is 9 minutes almost 200% better than the known market. RogersRaiders has corporate sponsor deals in the talk stage with more than 7 major companies but these thing take time.  The individual sponsors caring nature has had a positive impact on corporate marketing departments.  If you support what we do they should to and that is all because of those who took the plunge. Our Main concern in 2020 is my health as a company.  Too much leans on what I do directly and we need people to step up and take on a passion to teach others using some of the formulas pioneered here as well as be prepared to create all new ones tomorrow.  Its what we do. The video and the content must work together and finding “writers” has been a challenge for 20 years to be honest. So as we take down live event DVR’d videos the reason behind it is purely a mathematical venture as many of you noticed I pulled down past Live events over 2 months ago.  As part of seeing how the sausage is made I know many of you readers like a little inside dope as to the reasoning