New Less Scary FireWall Calculator by GunMuse

Ok the first calculator was never completed because I discovered some juicy secrets in building up layers of troops that required some dynamic coding. Then I got the first 3 levels up only to destroy the database when adding the next 9 levels. Then I got all 12 levels up but coded it for the highest of level players only when I released it.  NOW, The firewall calculator takes some squishy math to adjust your defense system to the @ level of your spending and scales as both your gear and castle scales. The squishy math part is simple while the max march cap is north of Million troops if your not in those leagues you don’t need thick firewalls.   Plus I now shut down the layers that you can’t build yet to despair of what should be long term projects over the course of a year keeping you awake at night and pawning your TV on the weekend, or maybe your neighbors TV. I also had a chance to dig into my Yearly subscription problem not only in depth but if you seen the site go down over 20 times in the past 48 hours that was me making massive adjustments to 28,000 subscribers trying to get permissions correct.  I believe I found most if not all the quirks and i finally seem to have massive database updates that didn’t crash and tested all 3 levels of memberships and they work for my test accounts but live is always the real test. I also found that chrome was aggressively CACHING my site.  and inserted a cache breaking system rather than post somewhere delete your cache which was a pain on my own computers and phones. I actually feel comfortable about the membership system as of today and that will lead to more content coming quicker. The first of which is the ability to GIVE AWAY PAID MEMBERSHIPS as prizes. Always a plus and added a Time Limited Discount code for Yearly memberships of 50% until Aug 2, 2021  Enter Code GoodBuy4RoundEye  
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