My wonderful outstanding Rogers Raiders Members Thank you

Its end of the year and its been slow stepping every inch of the path that I laid out.  If your new to Let me tell you about this place. It was an accident.  I had an online converstation where someone asked me how I was doing so well in an event and frankly you couldn’t explain that to someone in 144 character blurps. I then started looking around and everyone of the top help sites was littered with Chinese, keyword driven dated and not maintained for any other purpose than to scrap Google traffic to the back door cash systems inside MMO games. The third problem was in my real world.  Veterans charities had become dated after 100+years on their income drives.  People these days hear the word charity and attach. Big product names to that system.  Well being active in leadership in multiple charities the big guys are never at the meetings.  In fact we haven’t met them period other than when there is a grant ABOUT to be published and they are laying the ground work to get that grant.  I affectionately call these types “Sack Draggers” Here is my sack fill it with goodies. Many charities do bake sales, county fair raffle drives, car washes, bingo, the list goes on.  Not for Profit business which provide a product or service not for the growth of the company but so that begging for money is not essential to reach the charities goal, well these types endure.  RRG has become the first digitally driven income generator for MMO to charity.  Not one member HAS to pay, but many choose to, which means I want it to grow because the 10,000 members I gained over the past year also generated 40k in revenue supporting veterans. 2020 I expect more not less.  With the return of World of Warcraft classic we have the same first 2 issues I mentioned and I am going to try to slay that dragon.  26 million videos on established channels. Reused old videos with Titles keyword stuffed for the new game release.  As my WoW players look around notice the date on videos where the release date is OLDER than the newly released game. This is going to be an epic challenge against cheaters, and fraud as China is a billion dollar back door gold market for WoW. The New WoW channel doesn’t have a unique name to it yet as we need to reach 100 subscribers to reach that first hurdle then 1000 subs to actually monetize and start wow players feeding the charity too.   4000 hours of Watch time.  In the end it can not be just garbage for the sake of stats.  The reason players donate is because we provide value to them.  In return they provide value to what we do.  Mutual Respect and a fully symbiotic relationship. I would like to set the goal of breaking $250,000 next year with your help.  You can help by watching videos, helping others in forums, Telling your friends to come here and join you.  All things you want to do anyway and now your helping others by just being you. Thank You Donny Lairson AKA GunMuse