Standing behind Thermal Neutron Density tool. Nuclear powered measuring device.
This will be a shortened version of my extensive resume of sorts just to introduce you to who you are reading/following. I was programing in Apple Basic Language in 1984 back when the world was green screens and 5 1/4″ floppy discs. I joined the Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate at the age of 17.  Served under George H Bush and Bill Clinton.  Spent 2 tours in Iraq and 2 tours in Africa. I was reclassified by the Navy to an Electronics Technician.  The Navy at the time didn’t have actual computer techs.  I help develop the JOTS(Joint operational Tactical System) and KSQ over the horizon launch system from the field side of actual implementation. When I left the Navy I was a Field engineer redesigning on site ION Implanters (small atomic accelerators)  Making them do what the companies actually claimed they did when they sold them. I built a search engine called GunMuse back in 2001.  Its important to remember for younger readers that less than 15% of America owned a computer at this time.  Google didn’t go public until the year 2005 Developed a secure and faster version of Windows 7 which is still sold on Ebay today.  Had to develop it in order to stop the data mining done by Google and others to steal tech versus develop their own. I own dozens of servers, DNS, and hosting.
Kansas City Fan. Really a George Brett Fan. I love what he has done since he took charge.
I was the National Deputy Chief of Staff for the VFW in 2017-18  Was awarded a Bronze Legacy Life Membership as the top recruiter of combat veterans in 2017. Why gaming site?  Keeping my mind busy.  I have Leukemia and this project interested me kind of out of no where and I own all the tools to make it happen.
Sometimes I am the scary big guy
So if your thinking of moving over to work with me at RRG in Kingdome 312 some things you should know about my personality.  I am not a fan of beat down trash talk.  Making a joke is one thing but when it goes on and on. You are an Ass and I don’t want you around.  People need to be able to log in
Usually stray kittens run to me though for protection.
play and ENJOY themselves.  I consider these games public places and for people act in a manner as if children were watching. All my social links are in a pull down menu above.

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  2. came across your site and I have been trying your troop formations calculator, tried the one for gates and found that if i eliminated the lowest level troops and substitute them with the highest level one I did more damage. Thanks for all the help, your site is excellent

  3. hey muse. its highlife from k359 can you create a coiner castle in my kingdom and take out two c41 for not wanting peace or follow orders cause they think money and power is the best way to achieve greatness. this whole conspiracy illuminati crap ain’t welcome in k359

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