Guns of Glory T12 Calculator AKA the Covid Calculator

With the volume of Guns of Glory C40’s begging me for a T12 calculator you would think everyone has their own c40 hiding somewhere. The new Covid Calculator so named do in part to the large volume of gamers stuck in the house, but death spreads upon contact without proper social distancing. Yeah a bit of a stretch in the marketing side of it and I will pay a penalty for using such a common word right now. There is a second reason for the name and that is the paid members on the channel donate their money to my military charities in exchange for the work I put out. Guys Donations are down because people are out of work. Our need to service seasoned citizen veterans is way up. Its a bad combo. One that I do ask you help me with before engaging in a game please join as a sponsor. 99 cents a month is powerful  Join the powerful