Free Speech and Password Resets

Want to sound like a conspiracy nut. Explain to someone the real reason they can’t reset their password on your website.  As you may or may not know. I decided to do a little investing in the future by upgrading to very High Speed Servers.  While anyone can run a server from their home right out of their garage for a $20 dedicated IP address, the reality is high traffic website’s can not.  880,000 people came through in the past 6 weeks alone and when a phone company seeing that type of traffic requests come through your home they will shut you down. After a suspicious “fire” in a data center back in 2008.  I had my phone company upgrade my connections to the fastest in my town.  Multiple dedicated lines. Quad Wan Binding routers and i relocated my servers from Texas to a building I built just to house them so they could be under closer protection.   On paper i didn’t need all that much bandwidth 10mb/sec was more than enough as I had 60k servers that compressed all the data sent out . Century link sent out an investigation team to find the 60 computers I supposedly had as they suspected me of running some kind of quick setup illegal information farm when i crashed half the town through a 24 mb/sec connection.   I remember the guy on the phone. ”  No No he only has one computer hooked up I am staring at it right now… You can run that much data with one computer the other voice said… Well he is.” CenturyLink changed their “rules” on the upstream data side and my connections became so lousy I was forced back into a NOC (Network operation Center)  6 or 7 phone companies lots of Fiber designed for high traffic at a massive level and frankly CENTRALIZED DATA POINT January 2017 the last month of president the ICANN system was removed from United States control and is now “global” which sounds great as long as you forget no one else has the right to free speech.  Part of these rule changes include knowing who I am and where I am at all times that I control a weapon of mass information. So I can move 62,000 members and their information to a new server but things like Google login’s which require a “mail check” well a whole bunch of data checks take place during that simple click. Also anyone who used a Google , Yahoo, MSN email address and didn’t white list this website.  All the emails are “bouncing” back to me every time you try to reset your password.  Because the new IP address is not yet Globally verified.   So until that portion of the “paperwork” is done. My communication with you guys is one direction.  You can mail me. I can not respond via email. I can talk in Forums and in articles like this but simply can’t reset your password because you will never get the email to click the link.   Just a little more patients.   We started this process Sunday Night when servers were down and offline. Somethings have to be done in an order.  So anyone who delays me delays the whole chain of events. Please if you signed up as a member during this time or were one wanting to reset your password.  The emails are being automatically rejected on your behalf because old information doesn’t match new information YET. People in San Francisco think they need to make sure I am worthy of being able to speak and have placed themselves in the unelected position of power regardless of your desires or mine.  I even have to be careful not to flat out offend them ( talk about a mine field) or they can disrupt business by accident or delay. Bear with me a bit longer I dreaded this update since it only reminds me that free speech is gone, but as for helping you with gaming will get it done for you just the same. Donny
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