Guns of Glory

Dynamic Tabling coming to life for Guns of Glory R5’s and R4’s

Hit only the highlights and then back fill. Todays stat grind is SLOW so you have time but don’t need to waste resource.
Communication is key but for some reason as the tech of the world got more advanced those who control the technology are limiting communication.    We see it in our politics. First we can’t post formed thoughts that convey and idea in more than 144 characters.  Then the news stations find some Twit who tweeted exactly what they wanted someone to say and claim Twitville blew up.  If someone really gets traction on the “wrong side” of an argument then ban , shadow ban, derank, do it for the children of tomorrow, just make the speech go away. Building a dynamic system on a game so complex as Guns of Glory is an epic and complex task in itself.  Today I announce the first of a gear modified tables for power building an account.   June 2020, after having no love for almost a year hiring social media companies to build up FunPlus’s control over market. They took a direct stab at my calculators which had over 400k views per month.   It has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.  Their response… Duplicate and expand the failing efforts. I have to get hostile in game with players who want to say. Thank you, here here your so right or disagree with my conclusions.  Those that disagree well they get to just be hateful because you can’t explain a damn thing in 144 characters. These new tables help R5’s and R4’s have a reference point to communicate “blindly” with others to teach.  The users on both ends table reflects their accounts.  So the “Teacher” knows that what the “Student” is seeing is relevant to that person.  Making a to do list magically relevant.

The C20 to C30 Power push Table

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