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20% Discount on all Guns of Glory in game purchase How to

First of all thanks for supporting RogersRaiders.com and we are happy to give this how to help clear up what at the moment can be a circle of endless problems  trying to get your 20% discount. But its MORE than a discount You can earn Free coins as well from things you buy normally via Amazon and use those coins in game. ANY GAME not just Guns of Glory. There are a few other benefits you can GIFT coins either to Tip your Favorite Vlogger ughmm but that means personal information like GunMuse@gmail.com is given out and my Name Donny Lairson So they go to the right place.   Now my stuff is public anyway but if you want to TIP me 3 bucks to saving you hundreds its always welcomed. or tip me $500.00 also welcome. So first step.
  1. Uninstall Guns of Glory / Kings of Avalon or any app that you want to use the discount with.
  2. Next CLEAR your devices cache.
  3. I want you to actually READ the amazon free coin deal before we go further.
  4. https://amzn.to/2p112Cy
  5. That is going to in step one send you look at all the games you can use to have a single coin bank to draw on vs 100’s of in app purchases. so one time spending can be used in ALL games really the 20% is bonus to this fact.
  6. https://amzn.to/34JwrID
  7. is that page.  COME BACK HERE once you sneak peek.  The store install is complicated on some devices.
  8. OK Welcome back first in order to give you your 20% discount IN GAME the in game store payment system has to be replaced. That is why we deleted the Older version of the game.
  9. Now before you start downloading and installing things go to your Amazon account and enable one click.
  10. Luckily Amazon makes it easy if your logged in you can click this link and not have to hunt for them. Click Link below make sure one click is setup and come back here.
  11. https://amzn.to/36Ji6xS
  12. Ok setup your one click so that when we download the App store things go smoothly with just log in information.  Otherwise there are tons of other steps not relevant to this how to but more on how to use Amazon.  That place is a maze use the links.
  13. Now lets download the Amazon App store. So First warning Google and Amazon are in competition your android is a Google Device and it will call this app Unverified or untrustworthy.
  14. https://amzn.to/2JXbSAQ
  15. Download the app and come back here.
  16. Now this is where the age / Brand/ company who sold you your android comes into play. You need to install this app. Now on my Samsung it kindly took me to the settings to allow it to be installed.  You may have to turn on settings for YOUR device to install Unknown Source Apps.
  17. Emulators like Blue Stacks you can USE this but its a much more heroic effort to get the app store installed into an emulator. EMULATORS ONLY and this is not an Amazon website so use at your own risk.  Everyone else follow the instructions so you get your app directly from Amazon for your own safety.
  18. This is the one i used in the video shown.
  19. https://androidapksfree.com/amazon-appstore/amazon-appstore/download/
  20. Ok from there guys its straight forward.
  21. Log into your Amazon app search for Guns of Glory Install and once you are in game you can click button reload your account with google with no problems. Give all the graphics time to catch up and buy your coins or find deals to EARN coins and enjoy a 20% discount on ALL your games.
  22. The coins page https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0096E8CQA/ref=twister_B009CDKIA8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

5 thoughts on “20% Discount on all Guns of Glory in game purchase How to

  1. Hello Donny, First, let me say that I am grateful to you for helping grow our community. Secondly, it was my distinct pleasure to play against your alliance (and you) in the last UAC… I have heard of saving money by using Amazon before. But, I use an Iphone and still have seen no help for Iphone users. I am not interseted in playing games in an emulator. My laptop chokes on just one instance of BlueStacks and crawls when I tried 4. I have 9 accounts and if I can’t run them all simultaneously, it’s not worth my time. I just switch accounts on my single device. ANYWAYS… If you have any ideas on how to get the Amazon discount on an Iphone, I would be more than happy to contribute to your business development fund. Thanks again for keeping the tips coming!

    Bandit Artantum K295

  2. Hi Donny,

    first thing first many thanks for all you bring to the community and the very good content you provide through your website and your YB channel (I’ve already subscribed).

    I use both IOS and google device, and Amazon price are the same as Apple store (eg google $0.99 pack is $1.09 in apple store and Amazon). So I buy all my packages in Google as I get 10% off. Do you think using Amazon still the best option to save money as there is tax added in amazon coin for each purchase ?

    Once again thanks for everything 🙂

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