Enter Stats

Apparently in the world of table generation software for the web. Gamers don’t matter but if your an accountant apparently you need these features.  Well calculating the power and statistical use of your account is a lot like doing your taxes so it works for us. First we wont be making your stats public.  They are yours. On a page with a dynamic Calculator you will see a “short form” of the data RogersRaiders needs to do the math for you.  
You will see the NO data available if you have not entered any information in the new system. Our software will autofill some hidden information like your RRG ID so that we can move your information to other tables as its needed and as they are produced. As there is 18 Player vs Player marches coming storing this once is necessary.
Click New Entry the first time and Edit there after. You currently can only do one castle per account
At the bottom of this long stat page is your OK button don’t forget to click it.
On pages where we have prebuilt some data like the basics fo the guards information you will see a selection box and then you only need to fill in your custom information about that guard to add damage and power stats to the calculation. When you get a new guard just come update the stars and data
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