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The Meat Shield and How To Calculate a Guns of Glory Meat Shield

Million here a million there sooner or later your talking about a really sore thumb.  Well if you didn’t know that the defensive strategy in 2010 for Guns of Glory Troop Formations on both offense and defense is bigger meat shields.  Even though the graphics have updated the desire to […]

Building Expeditions – Where do those stats come from

Yeah its Saturday.  Tons of expedition loot.  Lots of speedups and banners and its one of those days where you can bounce between growth and expeditions and back to growth again. So first what makes up those stats your fighting over.   Simply put its COA’s (Coat of Arms) and […]

Troop Formations Blending the perfect Strike

This information in this article has been updated do to our knowledge of the game and patches that effected game play.  The new calculator is called SPINEBREAKER / WolfHunter and GateBuster   SpineBreaker PAGE WolfHunter PAGE GateBuster PAGE If you are like me with a desire to be somewhat simple […]