Become a RRG Sponsor

Sponsor of RRG are the first digitally fed veterans charity. Before you blow $100 on a game then feel bad that you did, i want RRG members to feel good in know that each month they helped someone they will never know first. I work with 4 major Veterans charities as an officer in each VFW(Veterans of foreign wars), DAV Disable American Veterans, American Legion and Idle Warriors. It takes all 4 of these groups working together to have an impact and RRG Sponsors help cut the clutter and reduce the time to say YES. We see a need and we act. No paperwork no bureaucracy and no delays. Further more Starting around March 2020 we hope to be one of the first to allow via poll for you to be able to vote on larger projects that we fund. The nature of a combat military charity is by the IRS only a DD-214 verification of combat service allows veterans into the charities. Yet it doesn’t state that i can’t take direction from your opinion on how you want to see your money spent first. Ah the lighter side of loopholes doing good. Thanks to everyone willing to sacrifice at least one bag of M&M’s a month to a community effort. Don Lairson GunMuse
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