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      I’ve seen videos stating quickly where to get certain items at best value, but is there a list on here?

      Like where is best to get:
      Speed ups
      Airship gears
      Gem crystals
      Etc etc.

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      I can tell you some.

      War Talents are best gotten from the Musketeers Fortress.
      Recruitment Banners from New World and Spirit Mines
      AirShip Experience is in Spirit Mines
      AirShip Gears are in the Shooting Gallery
      Speed Ups are in the Royal Expeditions
      Steel is also in the Shooting Gallery
      Actually a lot of stuff is in the Shooting Gallery. Check it out.

      Many people wonder where they can get they can get the following for their AirShip:

      Happy Hunter
      Flying Fortress
      Death from Above
      Blood Thirst

      I think it takes about 100 design fragments of each before you can use them on your AirShip.

      So where are they?

      They are in the “Advanced Ability Design Fragment Chest”.
      Every once in a great while you can buy this in the store. It is available a couple of times a year. It is not cheap.

      The other place to get it is in the Creation Arena. It is part of the Season Standing Rewards. You need to be in the top 2000 to get some. Good luck getting those awards. That’s the top 2000 across all the Kingdoms BTW.

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