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      Bill Blass

      What’s the best for defense, I’m c36, just looking for something to help when a big c40 comes and hits during uac. So far I just put everything in talents that apply to all tiers, inf def and dist attack. Should I be mixing in others? I have 13 books currently but I’m making more every few days.


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      Donny Lairson

      Layers of troops t1 to t11 100k min of each troop at your level

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      I am a c25 and have t8s. I have 4 war books where do u think I should put them cause my library is different than yours in video. My stats is 800s on attack, 900s on defense, and 1000s on health. I also use the spinebreaker formation of yours. Also I like to say thank u for everything I have watched all your videos and have subscribe to channel since I started playing 2 months ago.

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      Hello Lawrence,
      Only my opinion, it depends on the type of player you are:
      Defender: I started stacking up indestructible. It adds Defence to all of your infantry.
      Attacker, I would go to Thunderous Charge, it adds cavalry attack ( which is a pain to get) from your cavalry defence… so max out Blanchet and prioritise Cavalry Defence in the War talent Tab.
      Or you get the Glorious Charge!
      When you reach 8/9 books, you will have to reset and reassess where they would be the most beneficial for your game play.
      I do allow “Gunmuse” to correct me! 🙂
      Have fun!

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        Thanks for your suggestions. My calvary is little bit stronger already so I probably will do one of the calvary charges. If I do that since the spinebreaker runs distance heavy should I change the formation up to where I run more calvary than distance and if so about what percentage?

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      The war book research is still, an everyone has their opinion thing. If your defensive in play then stacking all your books on the generic inf stats. Those are great boosts for all, not just one class. Also stacking even number inf 2, 4, 6, 8 will eat up marches from anyone if you have a good setup over all. My 2 cents

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      J0e Th0rnton

      If you have T11 Cavalry and distance I would stack those as opposed to the ALL distance and All cavalry warbook because they focus on killing infantry and make a huge difference. Under T11 I have moderate success stacking t9 distance because it contains both an attack boost and damage boost like the t11 boost, but T8 Cavalry which also targets infantry is a bit too low level to stack up because troops do not kill higher tiers well so I stack Thunderous charge instead. Indestructible is a good one to stack for infantry but sacrifice is only good if you have mountains of infantry and they are hitting your castle directly. It is useless is marches because nobody with a lick of sense puts 50% infantry in marches. Once you have t12, stacking that one is paramount because most C40’s overstack t12 infantry and only put 500 of each other tier and it grants extra health to your troops, which counters damage

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      Kendra Hourd

      I saw the video on maxing T9 Dist damage and T8 Cav has the same option. However I’m not following the maths. 27.5% of health is added to attack power – OK. But then 27.5% Of your attack power added as extra damage MINUS your enemy’s attack power ? So if your enemy’s attack power is higher than yours, doesn’t that mean you’re adding 27.5% of zero which is zero ?

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        Donny Lairson

        sounds like you have it Kendra if your enemy is 1 point higher you get ZERO. thats why i suggest for the guaranteed damage first then the stat manipulation math.
        For anyone who saw the last kvk where i mega’d a tower and took a hit form Dark Ninja K150 he was 1000% higher in the show stats and 400% higher in the troop stats and i won the first hit. GREAT FORMATIONS the second hit we lost. FORMATIONS NOW SUCK RIGHT.

        So the secret against larger guys is not more stats but the ability to keep your formations correct and IN TIME.

        Lower castles t6 cavalry is AWESOME t8 infantry is UBER even in your big castle BUILD YOUR LAYERS, Build your hospitals so your layers don’t die, subscription doubles your sanctuary size making it worth it.

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      The Cavalry options are very confusing – math right? What is the best option here?

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      Mithun Kumar

      My castle is c33 and my stats are 1700 and 1800 but compair to my friends I feels am very low .. am trying lot to improve I don’t know what am missing.. all other my friends are more then 2000 even they are c31

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