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      I just finished my Ultimate Alliance Challenge. We got killed, but that is not why I am posting.

      I usually use boost during this event. I like to use the following:

      12hr Savage Attack – 25% to the attack of all troops for 12 hours
      12hr Solid Defense – 25% to the defense of all troops for 12 hours

      I also like the Air Cannon. It gives:

      Troop Health +15%
      Troop Attack +15%
      Troop Defense +15%

      After attacking both invaders to our alliance and towers to remove the troops that were plundering, I looked at my stats and notices this:

      normal Attack Castles Attack Towers

      Troop Attack: 1167 1217 1405
      Troop Defense: 1198 1248 1437
      Troop Health: 1220 1245 1434

      Inf Attack 2369 2369 2746
      Inf Defense 2732 2732 3109

      Cav Attack 2242 2242 2619
      Cav Defense 2346 2346 2723

      Dis Attack 2320 2320 2697
      Dis Defense 2444 2444 2821

      Never mind that a 15% boost to Troop attack of 1167 should have been 1342, it does not seem that any of my boost were fully active while attacking castles. Something was active during my tower attacks, but I do not know why only then. Even the attack boosts of 25% do not look like they worked either on the tower attacks.

      Anyone have an idea on what might be going on.

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      Anthony Watson

      I have seen the same.
      but I thought that only my troop attack and defence where changing in IKE.
      the rest for UAC with the tower benefits where too hard to judge.

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      Donny Lairson

      The greater of the boosts is applied the treasure boost or bought boost.

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      So you only get one? Either the 25% attack/Defense boost or the +15 troop Air Cannon Boosts? That does not make sense or sound fair. But saying that, I am not surprised that GOG does this either. They do a lot of wierd things that do not seem that right.

      It would be nice if they told you ahead somewhere what would happen.

      From the numbers that I posted, I did not see any boosts other than a tiny increase in some of my troop stats that in no way come close to +15%.

      It does not explain what happens when I hit the towers either. Am I gaining some special boost when I do that?

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      The Air Canon is a defensive weapon which gives your estate the benefits of your airship defensive abilities even when the airship is out on a march.

      The Hellfire Handcanon is the all around attack/defense weapon giving 15% Health, Attack, & Defense.

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        the Airship beacon gives you your airship abilitys in defense of castle even when airship is out..

        the Hellfire cannon gives 15% to troop attack/defense and health

        the airship cannon does both.

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      Yes towers have defending and plundering bonuses..
      This is determined by treasure level.
      You can see these stats as they change by hitting treasure details then clicking the details button on the left.
      Defense bonus goes to the castles from that kingdom and the plunder benefits go to those from other kingdoms when attacking or defending buildings.

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